“Quantico” Recap: Back To The Farm

Last night was the first time Quantico had only a single storyline to follow, pairing that with the fact that it was also the beginning of a new story arc made it the perfect episode for new viewers to join. In this new arc the new team, made up of Alex, Shelby, Ryan, Dayana, and Nimah, are led by a Haas son, but not the one we all anticipated. The Haas boy leading their team is Clayton–or Clay–Haas., and Clay is not Shelby’s biggest fan. Plus, Owen gets sprung from Federal prison in order to help the team, but he’s not at all happy to see Alex. All that and more happen in “LNWILT,” written by Joshua Safran and Gideon Yago and directed by Norman Buckley.

One Month Later | The story continues one month after the G20 conference occurred. Alex (Priyanka Chopra) is back with The FBI and busting crooks with her bestie Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy) when they are summoned along with the rest of their team to The Farm. That’s right, they’re going back to Alex, Dayana (Pearl Thusi), and Ryan’s (Jake McLaughlin) old stomping grounds for this assignment. This is where Madam President Claire Haas (Marcia Cross) introduces her other son, Clay (Graham Rogers), to the team. He doesn’t seem too keen on anyone in the room, but especially not Shelby.

Director Keyes (Henry Czerny) and President Haas gets the team into a classroom before explaining the details of their assignment; the only info leaked by Lydia and the drives was the US. President Haas thinks whoever accessed that info planned a cargo plane crash outside of Kentucky days before. Their job: find the possible terrorists and figure out who paid for it, who benefits from it, and all the other info they need. Before the President leaves, she reminds them she’s the only one that knows about them since they don’t know how far AIC infiltration has gone.

Keyes decides to bust out the big guns to get the team working together properly, and in steps Owen Hall (Blair Underwood). He tells them to “follow the money” and sends them on their first official mission as a team. They infiltrate a party full of investors that may have benefited from the plane crash. While snooping around upstairs, Alex comes across Harry (Russell Tovey). She learns MI6 let him go after his incident on The Farm, but he’s still up to something, obviously. They need a quick escape from a sticky situation so they “get caught” making out in order to successfully escape.

Once back at the house on The Farm, Alex and Ryan have a nice-almost romantic- moment on the front porch. Alex tells him she still loves him, she just needs some time. But she better hurry, I don’t think a young handsome fella like Ryan will stay single long. Inside, Clay seems to feel bad for how he’s treated Shelby and apologizes, even going to far as to invite her to dinner with his fiancee. The dinner invite made it a little weird, but besides that it looks like Shelby has accepted his apology.

Paranoia is a Bitch | Earlier in the episode Alex receives a call from Leon (Aaron Diaz). He’s rambling and freaking out, he thinks he’s being followed and targeted, and that he’s not the first one. He’s done some digging and believes they’re all in danger. Dayana tells Alex he’s been acting like this since the G20 summit. The ladies meet him one night and suggest maybe he talk to someone about this. He scoffs at the thought of them not believing him and leaves in a rage. But Leon was right, he was being followed. As soon as he leaves Alex and Dayana he is grabbed by 2 men who inject him with something and throw him into a trunk.

What a crazy way to start the new arc! Who is kidnapping CIA trainees and what are they doing with them? Will Alex figure out her feelings for Ryan before it’s too late, or will he move on while she’s trying to figure everything out? And what will come of Shelby and Clayton working so closely together? We know how Shelby feels about the Haas men.

Quantico airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC!

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino