“Quantico” Recap: She Belongs to History

Last night’s all-new episode of Quantico sees everyone struggling to live a life without making any lasting connections. Alex seems to be struggling with the isolation the most in this hour-long roller coaster of events. ‘MKTOPAZ’ was written by Jon Derengowski and Sara Miller, and directed by Constantine Makris.

Apologetic Liar | Clay (Hunter Parrish) and his wife Maxine (Krysta Rodriguez) are catching up early one morning, and Maxine expresses her displeasure in Clay’s job. It forces him to lie to her and she doesn’t like it. He makes a promise that he will be able to tell her in the future, but receives a text from Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri) before he can say anything else. The text says the cache has been accessed again, they need to act fast before the information accessed is used.

Clay meets the team–minus Diyana (Pearl Thusi)–in the bunker and briefs them about the cache. But before he does that he reminds them they are forbidden from speaking to reporters, it could compromise the mission. While briefing the team about the accessed cache info he lets them know it was accessed by someone named Rebecca Sherman (Donna Murphy). Rebecca is a popular wedding planner and socialite, so it becomes obvious to everyone that Clay should go undercover with his wife to plan their wedding with Rebecca, all the while he can sneak into her office and hack into her computer.

That plan almost worked, but even with Sasha’s (Karolina Wydra) help Clay couldn’t figure out Rebecca’s password before she caught him. She knew Alex (Priyanka Chopra)–who was posing as Clay’s private security–was still FBI and they were on to her. To everyone’s surprise, Rebecca is relieved. She’s being forced to do this and wants help to make it stop.

Back at the bunker, Owen (Blair Underwood) tells the team they will be keeping Rebecca safe in return for information on the AIC. She doesn’t know much, just that a high-powered lawyer named Thomas Roth is on the board and he is known for prosecuting AIC enemies. They have Rebecca set a meeting with Roth in Central Park so they can go undercover while she tries to get more names from him.

During their meeting the team’s comms get cut and Roth and Rebecca both get shot. When communications come back up Alex is able to talk to Rebecca and try to comfort her in her last few moments. The team couldn’t go to Rebecca’s aid in fear of exposing the operation, but they can try to find the shooter. And that is exactly what Harry (Russell Tovey) did. He tailed someone with a guitar case and is surprised by who it is…Sebastian (David Lim). Sebastian later forces Harry to call Alex and tell her he’s leaving the team at gunpoint.

Who Would Receive That Phone Call? |  After they return from the failed mission, Alex and Owen head out to get their usual serious-late-night-talk drinks when Alex realizes that there would be no one to call and inform if she died. That really shakes her, Owen tries his best to comfort the spy but it falls flat. Alex switches the conversation to him and they discuss a letter he just received. Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) can now have visitors.

A Set-up | The episode opened with two people planting evidence into a room, but they don’t return to that room until the end of the episode. Nimah calls her sister, and it is revealed that Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) has just entered that room filled with evidence and ignores the call. Raina is attacked and dragged off, hopefully not off to the same fate as Leon!

What a roller coaster of an episode! We were first meant to be suspicious of Rebecca, but it turned out she was in danger all along! And now Raina is being framed and dragged off much in the same way as Leon, hopefully she doesn’t end up the same way! What do you think will happen next in this turbulent story?

Quantico airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino