“Quantico” Recap: Trust Your Instincts

Quantico once again tackles what is going on in reality on last night’s brand new episode. While searching for the AIC conspirators Alex tells her team to trust their instincts, and that’s what the episode really seems to be about. She teaches Owen to trust his, her team to trust theirs, and she’s making steps to trust hers as well. ‘KUMONK’ was written by Justin Brenneman and directed by David McWhirter.

Let’s Get You Whipped Into Shape | Alex (Priyanka Chopra) pushes Owen (Blair Underwood) to his physical limits to prove his body is stronger than his mind thinks it is. She tells him to trust his instincts and his body and mind will be in tip top shape. Later, he finally decides to take Alex’s advice and listen to his instincts when he catches Sebastian (David Lim) spying on his laptop in the bunker. It turns out Sebastian isn’t a bad guy after all! He’s also been investigating the AIC, and he shares his list of conspirators with them. He asks to be let go–just like he let Harry (Russell Tovey) go, he reveals–and he will continue to share any new information with them.

Relationships Need Trust | Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) doesn’t trust Sasha (Karolina Wydra) and bugs her room. He overhears a phone call she makes in Russian telling someone to meet her later. Ryan goes to spy and realizes she found the bug and the phone call was meant to prove he doesn’t trust her. But it turns out she doesn’t trust him too much either, because she also bugs him, but we don’t know what she’s after. Later, Sasha is investigating a lead she promises will help Ryan–it’s Peter Theo– and tells him to get the wine and meet her for dinner in 30 minutes. As Ryan watches her get into her car, it explodes into a fiery inferno.

How to Stop a Riot | The cache has been accessed multiple times, which leads the team to believe the conspirators are trying to stage a riot in 1 of 5 major U.S. cities. The team needs to analyze the potential threat for riot in each city and head to the city most likely to go off. One potential city contains pipeline protesters, and another a Black Lives Matter rally. The team settles on Cleveland–there’s a trial that might have a compromised jury– and Alex, Shelby (Johanna Braddy), and Raina–as Nimah–(Yasmine Al Massri) head there.

Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) is in charge in Cleveland–not prison because the G20 was covered up– and she is not happy to see this trio. She immediately recognizes Raina for who she is and exposes her to the other two, and she tells them to stay out of the way. But we all know those 3 can’t stay out of anything, so they head to the trail to figure out who is compromised. The girls trust the instincts and figure out who it is, the judge. He’s the one being controlled by the AIC, and their plan can’t be stopped now. The jury just reached their verdict: guilty.

Golden Boy to the Rescue | While the team heads to Cleveland, Clay (Hunter Parrish) heads to the White House. He tries to persuade his mother to disband the team, he believes the AIC are too far ahead of them and they need to prepare for the destruction they want to bring. Caleb (Graham Rogers) happens to be there as well, and basically calls his brother a chicken for not believing in his team. Caleb thinks he should be the leader of the team.

Clay leaves and calls Felix (Jon Kortajarena) to set up a meeting with the Speaker of the House, Henry Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris). During their meeting Roarke reveals he’s not really a Republican, he actually believes in an Oligarchy. He wants Clay to come work for him to show that two sides can work together.

Clay has a feeling Roarke is going to try to take the Presidency away from his mother, so he has her head to Cleveland. This is a fantastic call, because Roarke just happened to land in Cleveland moments after the verdict was revealed. He was planning on making a speech blaming President Haas for this verdict, inciting a riot. Instead, the President makes an inspiring speech written by Clay. A speech in which Clay wrote Roarke’s own plans for Oligarchy without revealing who was behind such words. The speech pissed Roarke off enough for him to demand Felix spy on Clay. If he doesn’t get anything good on him Roarke will revoke his green card and have him deported.

Other News/Thoughts:

  • The team now has all the names of the collaborators. And to think, Clay wanted the team disbanded!
  • Caleb is back in the fold, and tells Shelby to stay away from Clay. THANK YOU CALEB. Someone needed to say it! She has a crazy effect over Haas men and she needs to be made aware of it!
  • Alex reveals Owen is the only man she trusts, he’s the only one who has never lied to her. Please don’t let this little bit of flirting lead to a romance between them!

Quantico airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino