“Quantico” Recap: Impeachment is Coming

Quantico has always been known for its strong female representation and complicated storylines, but last night’s all new episode was not one that stands out. In fact, there were times when it could hardly keep our attention, nonetheless there were some shining moments that occurred throughout the episode, making watching it less of a chore. Here is what went down in “GLOBALREACH,” written by Beth Schacter and directed by Cherien Dabis.

Protect Democracy | The episode opens with the House voting on the President’s impeachment, something America still hasn’t actually figured out how to do yet, and Clay (Hunter Parrish) is not happy. In fact, he’s headed down a dark spiral of self-blame and pity. President Haas (Marcia Cross) reminds her son that his duty is to protect democracy, even if they lose the Presidency to Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris).

Clay thinks Felix (Jon Kortajarena) is helping his boss take down Clay and his team, so he devises a plan to take his old friend out of the game and potentially save his mother from impeachment, he has to place evidence on Felix’s laptop. Raina (Yasmine Al Massri) has been meeting with Felix to try to get info about her sister, and Clay decides to use this as the perfect time to set Felix up. But things don’t go as planned when Raina tips Felix off and he confronts Clay for betraying him. Shelby doesn’t understand why Raina helped Felix, but all she wants is her sister back.

Clay eventually confesses he has feeling for Shelby, but only tells her as he is saying goodbye.

“Do you wanna fight, or do you wanna save people?” | Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Owen (Blair Underwood) are off on their own undercover mission where Alex is infiltrating the collaborators, but she has to make them trust her. She turns to Owen for comfort when she’s scared, and he gives her a coin to remind her that she’s not alone in this. Fletcher (Fredric Lehne) gets in contact with Alex and tells her to meet them, where they sell her on her role in this group. She will be the go-between from the collaborators to the intelligence community. They want to use Alex into blackmailing FBI and CIA leaders, starting with Matthew Keyes (Henry Czerny).

Later Alex and Alice (Elisabeth Watersten) go to the FBI for another meeting, when Alex realizes Alice tricked Alex into sneaking in a chemical agent. Alex does something very out of character for her when she realizes this during the meeting, she fumbles her words and becomes very flustered. But come on, this is Alex Parrish we’re talking about! She’s been trained by both the FBI and CIA, there’s no way she would let something throw her like that. But that is exactly what happens. Not only does she fumble, but she has to excuse herself from the meeting to call Owen and try to quit. That is the most out of character part, because Alex Parrish never quits. She always sees things through to the end. Owen convinces her she can’t stop the attack–but only after Ryan shows up and she knocks him out.

Cooped Up | Shelby (Johanna Braddy) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) can’t leave the Farm since their names have been leaked. With nothing else to do they decide to open up to each other and talk about their feelings. Shelby is worried about Clay–shocker, I know–and Ryan is worries about Alex, but is also mad at her. He doesn’t want her creating a mess that others will have to clean up.

After getting knocked out, Ryan is livid with Alex and Owen. He thinks Owen is using Alex, but she defends him saying all her actions were her own.

The episode wraps up with Claire Haas giving her concession speech, written by Clay, Alex is welcomed fully to the dark side, and Ryan takes off.

Quantico‘s final few episodes of the season air Monday’s at 10pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino