“Quantico” Recap: How To: Stop a Terrorist Attack

The Quantico writers once again need to be commended for their use of real events in their stories. Last nights new episode, titled “Rainbow”, was no different. President Roarke’s actions clearly resembled those of America’s own President. There’s a new terrorist threat, and Alex and her team needs to figure out a way to stop it before the country turns against a whole nation of people.

Missing Cache | In Roarke’s (Dennis Boutsikaris) first week as President reflects America’s first few days with its new leader. Roarke signed more executive orders than any other President in that amount of time, including his executive order for the Muslim Registry. His ultimate goal is to call a constitutional convention for the second time in U.S. history. He wants to rewrite all the laws.

Owen (Blair Underwood) notices the cache has gone offline, meaning only one thing: the collaborators are going to make their move. Owen reaches out to Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), Raina (Yasmine Al Massri), Shelby (Johanna Braddy), and Alex (Priyanka Chopra) for help. But the first two are throwing a temper tantrum and decide not to help. The remaining trio realize they need more help; enter Matthew Keyes (Henry Czerny), Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis), and Will Olson (Jay Armstrong Johnson). Once Ryan and Raina have a long enough time out they decide they want to come back to play.

Will discovers the collaborators plan, our team must act fast to prevent the 9/11 style attack they’re planning. But with the FBI looking for them they’ll need a distraction to get away. Raina decides to take one for the team and tuens herself in, allowing everyone else to get away.

Ground those Planes | Alex heads to Greypool to meet with Alice Winter (Elisabeth Waterston). Alex gets Alice to trust her enough to fill her in on the plans to frame Muslim’s for the terrorist attacks. Alice hesitates when Alex gets a little too nosy, so Alex knocks her out to gather the info she needs. When Alice comes to, the ladies fight, but we all know that no one takes out Alex Parrish, she ends up handcuffing Alice to her own desk.

Shelby’s part in this mission is to get to Clay (Hunter Parrish) and have him contact a friend to get the codes to land the planes. Clay is extremely crossfaded and makes a pass at Shelby before admitting his fiance left him. Eventually he gets his head out of his ass and helps get the codes so the attack can be stopped.

Owen, Miranda, and Will are able to ground all of the planes without incident. Finally a win for the team! Or is it? President Roarke has summoned them all to the White House for a press conference. He’s introducing the world to the heroes who stopped the “terrorist attack,” effectively blowing their covers. Roarke wants to get rid of the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies so he can create one intelligence agency. This press conference garners support for just that, exactly as Roarke knew it would.

The team has 100 days to prevent this constitutional convention from taking place, but how? By becoming terrorists, of course!

Other Thoughts:

  • Alex and Ryan flirting and working together is how things should be. And Keyes advice to Ryan about taking the backseat in their partnership was excellent and I hope he listens to it.
  • Please writers, don’t make Clay and Shelby a thing! Let her find someone who is not a Haas to fall in love with for once!

Be sure to catch Quantico‘s penultimate finale next Monday on ABC at 10pm!

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino