“Quantico” Finale Recap: How To Stop A Power-Hungry President

The Quantico finale shows us once again what America should be doing with our own Power-Hungry President problem. Alex, Clay and the rest of the team never give up, but persist until they know the country is safe. “Resistance” is a wonderful episode full of hope and inspiration, a truly wonderful way to end such a heart-wrenching season.

“What is wrong with America today?” | The finale kicks off after a small time jump, there was 100 days until the Constitutional Convention was to take place but now there’s only a few days. The team spent the last 4 months trying to blend in to make President Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris) think they were cooperating, they’ve been vetting recruits for the new intelligence agency, DISA. But secretly, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and the gang have been holding secret meetings at the Golden Leaf. It is there they realize they need to focus on the four swing votes for Roarke’s Amendments, they blackmail those delegates into agreeing to vote no. And it works, they all agree to their terms. But after an uncomfortable meeting with Felix (Jon Kortajarena) Clay (Hunter Parrish) realizes they’re meetings at the Golden Leaf have been listened to.

As Clay arrives to warn his team, Maxwell Fletcher (Frederic Lehne) arrives to fire them. He informs the team that the Smart TVs have had their mics on listening to all their conversations over the past few months. Luckily, Clay finally has a plan. He knows Peter Theo (Todd Alan Crain) is the one behind the TV mics, and he knows he must also be spying on Roarke. Alex calls Will Olson (Jay Armstrong Johnson) and Quantico alum Iris (Li Jun Li) for help. Will and Iris need to convince Theo to take them back to his place for a threesome, then they’ll hack into his network and get his intel. Lucky for the pair, their part of the plan couldn’t have gone any smoother. They get the intel to Alex just in time for her to hand it over to the Russians.

“Tell him we’re gonna betray our country.” | That’s right, the Russians. The taskforce devise a plan to have the Russians–who are secretly working with Roarke–convince Roarke to change the wording on one of his Amendments, then they will release all the info they got on him.

“Resist. Fight back.” | Everything goes according to plan for the first time ever, the Russians hold up their end of the deal so Alex can move on to phase 2. She livestreams herself releasing a video of Roarke on the phone with the Russians moments earlier, then she announces they are sending the info from Theo to 100 major lawfirms and Civil Liberty Organizations. Alex’s message to the people in this situation is simple : RESIST. But all of a sudden, gunfire rings out and Alex hits the floor. She’s been shot.

Just kidding! Alex, Will, and Iris devised a plan to get Alex out of there and to a plane before she can be arrested: she has to die. Or at least everyone needs to think she’s dead. Owen gets her to a private plane with tons of passports and cash so she can run for as long as she needs. And guess who surprises her on the plane? Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), of course.

Back on the ground, Clay has a meeting with Roarke. Roarke knows he’s lost, and is understandably upset. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to take care of himself after something like this, so it’s not surprising to hear the gunshot ring out when Clay left his office.

2 Months Later | The team–minus Alex and Ryan–are back together in the bunker, catching up. Clay and Maxine are not only back together–thanks to Shelby turning him down–but they’ve eloped! Owen (Blair Underwood) is now the deputy director of the CIA, Shelby (Johanna Braddy) is an instructor at Quantico, and Nimah and Raina (Both played by Yasmine Al Massri) are both free from prison! Everyone has made it out of this terrifying situation, so what’s next?

Quantico can be viewed on ABC’s website if you need to catch up!

Photo Credit: ABC/Giovanni Rufino