“Runaways” Recap: Pride and Joy

After a phenomenal pilot, “Runaways” shows zero signs of slowing down in “Rewind,” which presents the events of “Reunion” from the perspective of the Pride as Leslie runs into an unexpected crisis and Geoffrey must revisit his past.

Meet the Pride | While their kids are at Atlas Academy, the Pride are up to very interesting activities. Frank Dean (Kip Pardue) has just gotten fired as an actor, while his wife Leslie (Annie Wersching) has a secret room in the Church’s office that not even Frank is allowed into. Victor Stein is having troubles with the mysterious box’s dematerialization, a word that never leads to anything good.

Geoffrey Wilder meets his old pal Darius, who is halting construction on a school with his gang. Geoffrey threatens to kill Darius’s grandmother if he doesn’t back down- Really, dude? Threatening the elderly?- but Darius copies info from Geoffrey’s phone before they leave.

Going Ultra | Leslie talks to Destiny, who was trying to runaway (again, no pun intended) from the Church. But she has a good reason: It’s her daughter’s birthday. Leslie is clearly torn up about, you know, leaving a child motherless, but still convinces Destiny to stay for a ceremony.

The Pride arrive in the Wilder’s basement and drug Destiny and put her in Victor’s box, when they hear a noise from upstairs. They check in the house and their kids are straight up recreating the Twister scene from the comics! Ripped from the pages!

Not Alone | The kids pretend like everything’s fine and all go home to their respective families, Nico not being very happy about spending a night alone without her sister, but with her evil parents. Molly sneaks into Gert’s bedroom and Gert sings her a lullaby, while Karolina texts Destiny- and gets a reply.

Runaways is available to stream right now on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/Hulu