“Runaways” Recap: Friends Never Fade

In “Runaways'” third episode, “Destiny,” the team splits up to uncover proof of their parents’ activities while Catherine has a chat with Molly. The Minorus go on a date night and Chase and Gert find an accent secret.

Cocaine Malfunction | The gang convenes at the beach, where Karolina reveals that Destiny sent her a text of her in London. Alex tells them they need to split up and try to find proof of Destiny’s murder. Nico, like a reasonably smart teenager, tries to get to her mother’s staff in her office and when she does, she makes it snow inside. Nico calls Alex to help defrost the office and snag Amy’s missing diary, but before leaving, Alex snags a kiss with Nico.

Date Night | Tina and Robert Minoru, after closing a deal with the Yorkes for their new wonder drug, go out for a romantic night. And Tina removes her panties underneath the table and slides them to Robert. For some reason, this makes Robert leave, although we later find out it’s because he’s secretly screwing Chase’s mom.

On the Loose | Geoffrey finds Molly’s hairpin in his study and Catherine tries to talk to Molly at a cafe about last night. Molly locks herself in the bathroom and rips the wall out to escape, but gets tired and passes out by the dumpster just in time for Catherine to find her. Molly doesn’t blab, but Catherine was prepared to use the Yorkes’ drug to get her to talk, despite Geoffrey’s warning that it did something to Frank.

Gert and Chase sneak into Dale and Stacey’s basement looking for proof and open a large, yet poorly locked door to a habitat that houses a dinosaur. As Gert naturally panics, the dinosaur seems to respond to her and calm down with her. But the Yorkes arrive and the dinosaur scrams. Clever girl…

Finally, Leslie gets a call from Tina that Destiny’s body was found on the beach, meaning they’ll need another sacrifice. Leslie doesn’t seem thrilled about this…

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Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis