“Runaways” Recap: It’s Called Trust

In “Runaways'” fourth episode, “Fifteen,” Nico suspects that her parents were behind Amy’s death and goes to the police, while Karolina discovers something amazing about herself. Dale and Stacey search for their missing pet, and Chase makes a surprising connection.

Lockdown Denial | The episode opens with a flashback to the day Amy died, having seemingly committed suicide with a sleeping pill overdose, making it very unlikely that her death was caused by the Pride, but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

Nico tells Alex that she’s going to the police station to turn in their parents and Alex goes with her for moral support, but they see Victor and Robert at the station talking to Detective Flores, proving that the cops are in the Pride’s pocket. Alex and Nico escape just in time.

Light It Up | At the Academy, Chase gets into a fight with the guys who nearly raped Karolina, who are now telling the school that she slept with them, much to Karolina’s shock. Chase roughs them up and quits the lacrosse team- seriously, all this was from the lacrosse team? Lacrosse doesn’t strike me as a sport that breeds jackasses. But apparently, I’m wrong, because everyone at Atlas is now shaming Karolina for ruining the school’s chance at a lacrosse final. Come on, people! Name one lacrosse game worth slut shaming an innocent girl for!

Chase goes to Karolina’s house to explain that he saved her from getting raped and Karolina takes off her bracelet in front of him, showing off her full glow, which looks amazing, by the way. Props to the effects budget! Before the light show, Gert finds Leslie’s laptop and sends encrypted files to Alex on an R2-D2 flash drive.

We Have a Dinosaur | Dale and Stacey miss out on a Pride meeting to look for their missing dinosaur, only for Molly and Gert to find her in their house. The dinosaur listens to Gert and lets Gert pet her- again, great effects here- just as Dale and Stacey walk in.

Gert and Molly are over the moon to learn that they have a pet dinosaur, but just as Dale and Stacey seem like the coolest parents on the planet, Tina arrives and lets them know that she hired a private investigator to dig into their secret ranch, bequeathed to them by Molly’s parents. When Gert asks what’s going on, Dale snaps at her and Gert storms out.

Chase starts working on his “fistigons” to defend himself with, but Victor catches him. Victor actually seems interested in what Chase is building and they have a father/son moment. Nico and Alex decode the files on Leslie’s computer to find files on missing teenagers going back fifteen years. When Nico calls Karolina to tell her, Karolina sees her parents happily drinking and having a good time. During the same call, Alex goes outside and his kidnapped by men in a black car.

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Photo Credit: Hulu