“Runaways” Recap: Chip Off the Old Block

The “Runaways” finally show off their full power in “Kingdom” and it’s a glorious sight to behold! Alex is kidnapped by Darius, an old friend of Geoffrey’s who wants his due. Nico, Gert, Molly and Karolina team up to find him and Alex himself must make a difficult choice.

Making a Deal | The episode begins with a flashback to Geoffrey in prison, where he is met by the mysterious Jonah (Julian McMahon), who offers him a real estate deal on the condition that Geoffrey gets out of prison. Geoffrey strikes a deal with Darius to get Darius to confess to Geoffrey’s crimes so he can go free. Flash to present day, and Darius has kidnapped Alex to try to get a million dollars from Geoffrey for his revenge.

Runaways Assemble! | Nico, Gert, Karolina and Molly meet up to find Alex, and Nico uses the stolen staff from her mother’s office to lead the way. While the gang pursues Alex and Gert calls Chase to come help them, Geoffrey arrives to the meeting spot and shoots up Darius’s car. Andre, one of Darius’s henchmen, tries to kill Geoffrey, but Alex pulls out a gun he swiped from his dad’s desk and shoots Andre.

Darius recaptures Alex and drives off with him, just as everyone else, Chase included, arrives to save him. Molly, Karolina and Nico show off their new skills, while Chase blasts Darius with his newly completed Fistigons. The team even gets a badass group shot for the trailer! Seeing the Runaways officially in action was awesome stuff. Here’s hoping it’s not the last time.

A 9.0 on the Freakometer | Alex sees Geoffrey take the wounded Andre away, but Alex knows that the Pride is going to sacrifice him. Alex and company storm the secret basement, but they’re actually at Leslie’s church, successfully sacrificing Andre to the flaky guy in the pod. Alex finds a hidden video camera in the basement with potentially damming videos of the Pride’s crimes, but the files are encrypted and backed up to Tina’s computer company.

Alex and Nico share a brief kiss and Karolina is visibly upset when she catches this. Chase finds out that Victor has brain cancer and is just as upset, because his dad was turning over a new leaf. Leslie meets the resurrected guy in the pod- who turns out to be Jonah. Oh, and Jonah and Leslie are a thing. Is anyone faithful on this show?

What did you think of Jonah’s reveal? How cool was it to see the Runaways team up? Let us know in the comments.

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