“Runaways” Recap: Party Time!

There was plenty of relationship drama on both the kid and adult front in “Runaways'” latest episode, “Metamorphosis,” as the kids put on a smile to go to a gala hosted by their parents. Alex and Nico try to get access to evidence of the Pride’s wrongdoings, Karolina struggles with her true feelings, and Jonah enters the fray in a surprising way.

All Dressed Up | The Pride hosts a gala and everyone is getting ready for it, while Victor uses his wife’s cell phone to find out about her affair with Robert, who also gives Janet a gun to defend herself in case her imminent breakup with Victor goes south. Speaking of parents, Jonah decides to go to the gala, despite Leslie’s objections, but Jonah is excited to meet his daughter- Karolina.

Speaking of Karolina, she and Nico share a moment while getting dressed for the gala and Karolina tells Nico she wants to live how she wants now. Gert and Molly crash said moment, and after arriving at the gala via Stan Lee as the limo driver, Gert asks Karolina if she’s into Nico. Karolina shrugs it off, but after Alex and Nico sneak away to break into Tina’s office, Karolina heads up to the roof with a bottle of vodka.

Taking Flight | Chase follows Karolina to the roof just in time to see her fall off the ledge. Chase rips off her bracelet trying to save her and Karolina stops falling and flies back up to the roof. Chase surprises Karolina with a kiss, which she doesn’t look too happy about. And I think we can guess why…

At the gala, Victor angrily confronts Janet about her affair onstage before passing out suddenly. Jonah arrives and uses a special serum to heal Victor, making him a much more positive person now. Dale swipes the serum from Jonah before Jonah meets Karolina and talks to the very confused Frank, who suddenly remembers walking in on Leslie and Jonah having sex.

Password, Please | Alex and Nico break into Tina’s office to decrypt the files from the video camera, and Alex just so happens to know the code to Tina’s office. Nico catches her mom crying over finding out Robert his cheating on her and has second thoughts about taking her parents down.

Molly tells Gert that she saw Chase kissing Karolina, making Gert very upset. Molly then meets Catherine, asking for information about her late parents, but lets slip that she saw them in red robes. Molly leaves, but Catherine tells Geoffrey that she knows something.

Do you think Karolina is into Nico? How did Alex know Tina’s password? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore