“Runaways” Recap: Restoring Order

Man, “Runaways” is getting even more intense! After a game changing episode last week, we get an equally game changing hour with “Refraction,” in which the Pride visit their kids’ school for an open house, where Leslie tries to save face after the events of the gala. Chase is concerned about his newly healthy father, and Molly starts to feel that she doesn’t belong.

Domestic Troubles | Robert officially moves out, much to Nico’s heartbreak, while Janet seems to want to break it off with Robert, now that Victor is suddenly a stand up guy after taking Jonah’s serum. On that note, Dale accidentally gets a drop of the serum on his arm and is super hyper for a while before crashing down at Atlas Academy’s open house.

Frank uses magic glowing gloves gifted to him by Jonah to heal a dying man in the church, which troubles Leslie. Frank also finds an old photo of a young Leslie with Jonah, looking exactly as he does today. Frank confronts Leslie about the photo and she admits to being with him.

Sisters Forever | Molly confesses to the group that she slipped up with Catherine and when everyone gets mad at her about it, she storms off and tries to make new friends with the cheer squad- which backfires very quickly because the cheer squad is run by Eiffel (Danielle Campbell), the same girl who called Karolina a slut for ruining the lacrosse title.

Geoffrey and Catherine confront Dale and Stacey about what Molly saw and tell them that Molly needs to be protected. When Molly gets home, Dale and Stacey are packing her stuff up and telling her that she’s going to her cousin’s house. Molly breaks down, but Gert tearfully tells Molly that she needs to go to keep up appearances.

It’s Not Over Yet… | Alex’s computer is close to cracking the encryption on the Pride files when Nico shows up and demands to know how Alex knew the password to Tina’s office. Chase is confronted by Victor, who is back to being an abusive monster and nearly kills Chase with his own Fistigons before Janet shoots Victor. Sound familiar? “Iron Fist” and “The Defenders” also killed off a main villain around the halfway point of the season. Marvel’s got a formula, man…

What will happen with Molly gone? Were you shocked to see Victor go? Let us know in the comments.

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