“Runaways” Recap: One More Chance

This week on “Runaways'” antepenultimate episode, “Tsunami,” the Pride assembles to save the dying Victor’s life without Jonah’s help. Nico discovers a secret Alex has been keeping from her, and Chase faces a tough decision.

The Game of Life | Victor is barely holding in there after being shot by Janet and all of the Pride, save for Jonah and Leslie, assemble to save him. Dale and Stacey arrive late after dropping Molly off with her aunt, but after all efforts to save Victor fail, Tina calls Leslie and Jonah to fix the problem.

Of course, Jonah being the villain, his solution is just as bad: Sacrifice Janet to keep Victor alive.

Sacrifice Swap | Janet tries to convince the others to let her live, which fails spectacularly, so Jonah tells Janet it’s either her or Chase. Janet asks Jonah if she can say goodbye to Chase, which he says no to, but then Robert tries to sacrifice himself instead. Tina refuses and uses the staff to destroy the sacrifice box, essentially dooming Victor. Although the Pride take Victor away inside the remaining box to keep Victor alive, his chances are slim to say the least.

Secrets and Lies | Meanwhile, Alex tells Nico that the last time he saw Amy alive, he found out that her computer was being hacked by Tina. Nico is understandably upset and leaves Alex to go find Amy’s missing backpack, which she does, but the battery in Amy’s phone is dead. As Nico leaves the phone at home to charge- Why would you do that? Take it with you! There’s no guarantee that phone will still be there!- Alex decrypts the files from Tina’s system, uncovering hard evidence of the Pride’s wrongdoings. When everyone else shows up, Chase tells Alex that if they release the video, his dad dies without the Pride’s care.

Chase destroys the laptop, much to everyone’s horror, but back at Nico’s house, Amy’s phone charges and reveals a text message saying that, “He knows.” Also, Molly at her aunt’s house finds a locker left to her by her parents with a VHS inside. If all the proof is on the VHS, then we’re screwed. VHS players are hard to come by.

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Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu