“Runaways” Recap: Save the Last Dance

“Runaways” delivers the goods for the penultimate episode of the season, “Doomsday.” Molly discovers a video tape left to her by her parents that reveals the Pride’s true intentions. The kids plot to end the Pride’s plan once and for all in one final stand.

Digging Up the Past | A flashback reveals that Molly’s parents were studying an unusual mineral dug up from the Pride’s dig site, before Leslie tossed a bomb into their lab. The explosion killed them and wounded Molly, who got her powers from the rock. In present day, Molly meets up with the others at school and shows them the video tape. Fortunately, Alex was in AV Club and they have a VHS player, which, as Gert points out, is the ultimate sign of a loser in a movie.

The tape shows Molly’s parents telling her that the Pride’s dig will cause earthquakes that will destroy California- Nico’s response? “Anyone up for a semester abroad?” The group decide to stop the dig, but first, let’s go to the school dance!

Embrace Me in this Moment of Oblivion | In fairness, they’re only going to the dance to cover up their escapades, but still, Gert and Chase hook up in the back room. And when Nico and Karolina go to look for them, Karolina kisses Nico. Nothing like a potential apocalypse to get the hormones going!

In other news, Jonah calls the Pride together to tell them that someone found out about the kids’ rebellion. Turns out, it was Frank, who Karolina thought was going to help them. Frank sells them out to Jonah and the rest of the Pride arrives just as Molly shoves a large truck into the hole the Pride has dug in the ground. The kids stand together and Karolina takes off her bracelet, showing off her glow, much to the surprise of the Pride- especially Leslie. Next week: The final showdown. Runaways v. Pride! Who will come out on top?

“Runaways” debuts new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu.