“Runaways” Season Finale Recap: Hold the Line

Hot off the heels of “Runaways” receiving a much deserved season 2 renewal, “Hostile” upped the stakes big time, as the kids make a stand against Jonah and the Pride discover information that could change everything.

Left Behind | After a brief showdown between the kids and the Pride, Jonah arrives to finish them off, using powers similar to Karolina’s to nearly wipe the group out. Karolina holds off Jonah long enough for the others to escape, but Karolina doesn’t come back, forcing them to leave her behind.

Naturally, Nico is not one to stand around and leave her make out partner behind, so she convinces the others to rescue her. Unfortunately, this means Gert has to leave her dinosaur behind. Just as she decides to name her Old Lace. Right in the feels.

The Inside Man | While Jonah reveals to Karolina her true parentage, the others convince Vaughan, (Get it?) a helper with the church, to get Chase and Molly into the church to save Karolina. They do so, but it turns out Vaughan was helping them on Leslie’s orders. Also, Dale and Stacey go to the dig site and use sonar to find something living at the end of the hole.

As the group reunites, Nico rewards Karolina with a kiss and Gert and Chase cuddle as well. But the next morning, Alex leaves and calls Darius, getting money and a gun from him. Leslie calls the Pride, save for Frank and the Wilders, together and admits to her role in the Hernandezes’ deaths- as well as being the one who tried to warn Amy that Jonah was coming. Jonah killed Amy and Leslie kept it a secret, prompting Tina to tell Leslie that they could kill her and no one would care. Leslie tells them that she can get them close enough to Jonah to kill him.

It’s About Time! | Geoffrey tells Catherine that he’s going to make a call “that will change everything,” while Frank meets with Jonah to discuss evil matters, as Jonah’s arm starts deteriorating. The kids, and Old Lace, meet up at the bus station, only to see a news flash that all of them are now wanted for Destiny’s murder. The season ends as it should; with the group running away.

As a diehard “Runaways” comic fan, this season was as close to a waking dream as I’ve ever had. Perfect casting, smart storytelling and plenty of surprises made these ten hours among the best I’ve experienced in recent TV memory. Bring on season 2!

The complete first season of “Runaways” is now streaming on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu