SDCC: “The 100” Cast & Executive Producers Problematic Garden of Eden, Bellamy’s Leadership Role & More

Cast members and Executive Producers of The CW’s post-apocalyptic series The 100 were in attendance to present the panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer to reveal some juicy details about the shows upcoming 5th season! Showrunner Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Chris Larkin, EP Dean White, and surprise panelist Tasya Teles, delighted the room full of fans with scoop and surprises. OMFGTV made sure we were there to gather as much info as possible, and here’s what we found out!

The whole panel kicked off with a sizzle reel, narrated by Madi (Imogen Tear), recounting the events in the first 4 seasons like a child’s bedtime story, only it’s the story from your nightmares. The sizzle reel shows what Praimfaya has done to the already ravaged world, Polis is destroyed and everything looks like an unlivable wasteland. Besides that, the sizzle reel did not reveal any new information.

The person who did reveal the most information was the show’s creator, Jason Rothenberg, who started off with a huge spoiler about the people aboard Eligius, the prisoner transport ship.

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“They’re from our time,” teases Rothenberg. “They’re from before the first apocalypse, which is a spoiler.” The ships inhabitants were probably in cryo, “they were in hypersleep for a hundred years.” That is a capability that has been hinted at in several episodes, if you know where to look. But these people will be returning to a world very different from the one they left.

“So they’ve come back to this planet that they don’t recognize, that has been destroyed, twice. And all that’s left is this Garden of Eden that Clarke’s been living in with her daughter.” But there is a problem with this “Garden of Eden” Clarke has created, “it will not be big enough for everybody.”

Jason also teased the fate of the relationships of the delinquents and grounders in space. “People breakup, people get back together. People fool around.” Six years is a long time, lots of crazy things can happen, but he was adamant that no one would be having children.

A six year time jump is a long time, so to help connect viewers to what happened during that time, there will be flashbacks. “There’s a lot of very pivotal emotional intense moments that we wanna connect to that 6 year period, and I think it’s important to see some of them.” Rothenberg let one last spoiler slip about the flashbacks, regarding character development. “We will come to understand how all of them became the person that we will see in the premiere.”

Though Jason confirmed there will be no babies in the fifth season of The 100, we do know that Clarke has taken on a maternal role with Madi, the young Nightblood. Jason refers to Madi as Clarke’s “daughter” multiple times, and Eliza says “she’s taking on this maternal role looking after this tiny Nightblood.”

Clarke has always been the leader of the delinquents, but now Bellamy is going to have to take up the role as leader. Bob Morley is confident Bellamy has stepped up to the plate. “I think that he has taken on the advice of the head and the heart.” From he’s been told by Jason, “Bellamy has grown up a little over the years.” Fingers crossed for a strong, fearless leader to emerge from Bellamy!

Octavia is now in charge of 1200 people under ground in a bunker, and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. “I think Octavia doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing,” says Marie Avgeropoulos, “but she doesn’t want to set off the chaos with the 1200 people in the bunker.” Marie compared Octavia’s struggles in the bunker to her struggles growing up under the floor. “Similar to the way she was trapped under the floor on the Ark, same thing is kinda going on with the bunker.”

Being leader, Octavia is going to have to make rules and enforce them. “In season 5 you’ll see what Octavia’s plan is to keep the peace, and how she reprimands others, in her own special way, for stepping out of line.”

Along with just becoming a leader, it seems like Octavia might also undergo a badass makeover! Marie teases a “weird hairdo” that Jason doesn’t want to share, but she later slips up and says, “I’d donate my shaved head hairs so you can make a beard wig.” Could Octavia be getting a crazy haircut???

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Raven Reyes was born to thrive in space, something Lindsey Morgan agrees with. But Raven is going to have to deal with the guilt of being the reason her friends are in space too, and not in the bunker with everyone else. “Raven feels a lot of responsibility for everyone’s well-being, to be saved. That’s why her taking them to space in the finale was so important for her. Now in space, it’s a lot for her to make sure that everyone is survivable, and that we can hopefully get back down to Earth once its habitable again.”

John Murphy went into space after finally starting to make amends with those around him, and actor Richard Harmon says Murphy will definitely change during his time in space. “Obviously he’s going to change. He’s so good in the pressure cooker situation, fighting with his life on the line every day.” But now that he’s in space and no longer fighting day-to-day, how will Murphy fare? Even Harmon is curious to find out. “I’m curious to see if, now that he has nothing to fight against, can he really just be part of a happy family?”

Monty has had a few very rough months, what with killing his mother twice then losing his best friend, but he still has Harper (Chelsey Reist) by his side to keep him strong. “I think Harper is Monty’s main lifeline at the current moment.” Chris Larkin credits Monty’s survival to Harper, he doesn’t believe Monty would have been able to get through all that loss without her. He claims not to know their fate yet, but hopes that they are still together after the 6 years, but if not that they can at least still be friends.

Surprise panelist Tasya Teles came out and discussed Echo’s role in the fifth season. Like the others, Tasya doesn’t know much yet, but she thinks Echo and Raven would become friends during the time jump. “I feel like these two girls are girls that get things done, they’re very resourceful. I see those two becoming friends or having alliances.”

The 100 returns to The CW for its fifth season in 2018!

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