SDCC: “Supergirl” Cast & EPs Talk Mon-El’s New World, Winn’s Influence, A “Satisfying” Modern Day Love Story & More

In part two of OMFGTV‘s Comic Con coverage of “Supergirl,” series stars Chris Wood, Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan, along with executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner preview the superhero series’s upcoming third season.

Wood, whose character of Mon-El had to leave Earth in the season 2 finale, said that Mon-El will return next season. “The bad news is that I can’t even say anything. But when we do find out where Mon-El is and what happens next, I think it’ll be pretty satisfying. It’ll open up a whole new world for the show.”

Wood also discussed Mon-El’s journey over the course of season 2: “That’s the whole arc of Mon-El is having him start far away from where Kara is, and having him eventually become the hero. Getting to start Mon-El in an opposite place, that was really attractive. Hopefully, we’ll get to see this season how that arc will continue.”

Mehcad Brooks had a lot to say about James’ journey into vigilantism this season. “It’s the same problem Batman has. Batman strikes fear into the criminals and so does Guardian. But the citizen being saved is also afraid of him. James is a nicer guy than Bruce Wayne and so I think that was important for him.” Brooks also admitted that in season 3, James will find a new love interest, but when pressed for details, he quickly changed the subject.

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Jeremy Jordan previewed his character’s evolution since season 1. “He’s gained a lot of confidence since season 1. He didn’t really have any idea what he was capable of until he was allowed to go work for the DEO, and now he’s living his best life, he loves his job and he loves the people he works with.”

In terms of Winn’s journey in season 3, Jordan said: “Winn and Lyra are still going strong. I think he’s had an influence on her and has tamed her a bit, but the beast is still there. I think eventually his day and night, DEO/Guardian thing is going to catch up with him and James.”

Queller and Rovner discussed the fan-favorite relationship of Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer (Sanvers) and the decision to have Alex come out of the closet. “It was a very meaningful story to us and meant so much to us that it resonated with the fans,” Queller said. “And it felt like this is a story that still needs to be told about a grown woman coming to terms with her sexuality and we worked really hard to honor that.”

Rovner addressed the news that Floriana Lima will not be available next season by saying, “First, we love Floriana and we love this relationship we’ve created. With that, we’re going to tell this modern day love story that will resonate and be very satisfying. And the door’s always open for Maggie to come back.”

Finally, Queller dropped a bombshell: Calista Flockhart’s character of Cat Grant will return this season in a recurring capacity starting with the season premiere.

“Supergirl” season 3 airs this fall on The CW.