SDCC: “Lucifer” Cast Tease Ella’s Secret, Linda’s PTSD, Lucifer’s Devilish Direction & More

While Season 2 of FOX’s devilish series Lucifer focused primarily on family, the upcoming season will have an overall theme of identity. Season 3, premiering Monday, October 2, will see the core group of characters exploring who they are, and for some, revealing secrets along the way.

OMFGTV sat down with the cast of the fantasy crime drama this past summer to chat about what Lucifans can look forward to in the all-new chapter.

LAPD’s new forensic scientist, Ella Lopez, is a woman of faith, a woman of science. But she also knows how to pick a lock and used to steal cars while growing up in Detroit with her four brothers. But how did she go from grand theft auto to becoming a woman of faith?

“That’s such a cool place to start and end,” Aimee Garcia, who plays Ella, tells us. “We get to explore that. We’re going to learn more about her background and learn some secrets about her.” We’ll also get to learn more about her brothers, one of whom she says, “will be back.”

Aimee also reveals that in an episode where Lucifer and Ella go on a road trip to Vegas, a secret spills out of her mouth. “He’s like, ‘Wait, what?’ and she’s like, ‘Just ignore it.’ So that little nugget is dropped and explored further in this season.

That episode in particular was “really fun” for the actress, teasing, “Vegas showgirl outfits and song and dance may be involved.” It’s a welcome change for the Aimee who says that Ella is never invited to anything. “Ella finally gets to go to the party and dress up and you’ll see her not wearing a t-shirt for the first time ever this season.”

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Heading into Season 3, Rachael Harris’ Linda Martin will be in a bit of denial because she’s a therapist and is used to taking care of everybody else. “That’s a lot to swallow that she’s one of the only humans that knows about Lucifer and the Goddess, Charlotte/mom,” Rachael says. “Then when she almost dies at the hands of that [in the Season 2 finale], it’s kind of a lot to process. She has a little bit of post traumatic stress, but she’s not super coping with it at the beginning.

“She’s still in this mode where she wants to help other people,” she continues. “I think it’s too much for her to process, honestly. That’s kind of building up to her cracking a little bit.” It is when the wheels come off that Rachael says we’re going to get to know a little bit more about Linda, which she says is “exciting. I’m happy about it.”

Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside, got the satisfaction of knowing that between he and Lucifer, the older brother had been chosen as their father’s favorite. Tom Ellis (Lucifer) says that revelation definitely caused a rift in the relationship between the brothers, and that “there’s always going to be this back and forth” between them.

“Being called the favorite son, that’s just a name tag,” Ellis says. “What does that actually mean?” Exploring that in Season 3 just adds more to what the eldest brother will be focused on. “Amenadiel is still trying to work out what his purpose is now and what his role is.”

Finally, for the series’ titular character, when we last saw him, he woke up in the middle of the desert with his wings back. He doesn’t know why they’re there, he doesn’t like it, and he’s kind of pissed. Lucifer believes that his wings have come back from his dad, which he is not pleased about. Ellis says that Lucifer doesn’t want to be defined by anyone else, and especially by his dad.

“So having these pesky things back on him that won’t go away, what’s he going to do?” Ellis says. “How’s he going to react to that? And Lucifer being Lucifer, as hard as he believes his dad is pushing him in that direction [to be an angel again], is going to push even harder in the other direction. So I think what materializes from that is some extra devilish behavior.”

Lucifer Season 3 premieres Monday, October 2, at 8pm on FOX.

Photo Credit: Jason Bell/FOX