Tyler Posey Talks “Really Cool” Transition from MTV’s “Teen Wolf” to The CW’s “Jane the Virgin”

This past summer, while doing press for the final season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, OMFGTV sat down with star Tyler Posey to talk about his upcoming projects.

In addition to teasing his secret Blumhouse movie, he spoke briefly about his new stint as Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) first love, on The CW’s critical darling Jane the Virgin.

“I’m a huge fan of Gina and the show and the crew,” Posey tells us. “I was really welcomed to the set. It was really, really, really sweet. It was a really cool transition from one family to the next.”

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Going from his MTV series, a dark, supernatural thriller and onto the broadcast network’s dramedy, Tyler says everything is “completely different.”

“The color palette on that show is completely Easter colors,” he continues. “There’s not one article of black clothing in the wardrobe department. I swear, it was cool! It’s a totally different vibe, but the set vibe was still very similar.”

After his recurring role on Jane, Posey will next be seen when he returns to MTV in a series regular role in the network’s rebooted Season 3 of Scream.

Jane the Virgin Season 4 premieres Friday, October 13, at 9pm on The CW.

Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/The CW