SDCC: “Teen Wolf” Cast at Panel Look Back & Preview What’s to Come

It’s the beginning of the end.

Before MTV’s hugely popular flagship scripted series Teen Wolf debuts its remaining 10 episodes starting tonight, the network presented the cult favorite at the San Diego Comic-Con recently, where it said its final goodbye and teased what’s to come in the massive, 6,000-seater Hall H.

During the panel at the pop culture convention, the supernatural series’ core cast (including the surprise attendance of Dylan O’Brien!) along with Showrunner and Executive Producer Jeff Davis took the stage to show off a flashy new trailer, original audition videos of the cast members, and more.

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey reminisced about his time on the show and thanked the show’s boss for the chance of a lifetime.

“We were 18 when we got started on the show; we are adults now, right?” Posey said. “It’s really emotional for me. It’s hard to explain how close the show is to my heart and how close everybody here is to me. they make me happier and they saved my life and they just show me that love is alive.

“They’re also incredibly talented every single one of them, every single person here,” he continued, “and Jeff thank you for giving us the coolest opportunity ever. We’re the best buds ever and this wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Another of Posey’s best buds is O’Brien, who was fresh out of high school when he auditioned for the role, his first acting job ever! He explained that his time on the show was a great learning experience and one he was always thrilled to return to.

“The show became my entire school that I went to every day to learn what I was doing,” O’Brien explained. “To be on set in front of a camera and learn about the whole process, that’s what I was in love with.

“The show started that way and it always became home throughout, even when I got another part or went and did something else in between. On hiatus, I just couldn’t wait to come home, couldn’t wait to suit up as Stiles again. I get all pumped, I get so excited that I get to go back to Stiles because I love him so much.”

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Malia also loves Stiles for being very instrumental in helping her fit into the wolf pack and behave, something her portray Shelley Hennig said was the werecoyote’s “biggest challenge.” That was in the beginning; as for the end of her journey, Hennig says that where her character ends up she did not see coming.

“I never could have predicted this,” she said. “Malia winds up with Scott maybe? Do they wind up together? I don’t know but you do see us in the shower together in the trailer, so we’ll see what happens. To see the trajectory of Malia it’s fun as an actor to play but I don’t think I would have predicted this. I also didn’t predict that I would stay on this many seasons you keep me there and I’ve been very, very blessed for that.”

One character we didn’t predict would make a comeback was Theo, who we presumed was gone for good when he was reunited with his dead sister. Fans of the show started to warm up to him in the first half of the season, and for the actor who plays him, Cody Christian, he says to lookout for a scene in the finale that’ll be a highlight.

“A scene in the finale is one of my favorites,” he revealed. “It’s coming up and I think you guys are going to love it. It’s such an insight into this character and who this guy is. It was a moment. I think the fans really get a glimpse — not me naked.. maybe that’s coming up — but I think the fans really get to see the heart of Theo and that something that I’m very excited about.”

The final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf will bring back many familiar faces from seasons past. Among them, Charlie Carver, whose character Ethan was last seen in Season 3. At the panel, he expresses his thanks that his character didn’t meet the same deadly fate as so many others, and reveals two original cast members who will also be popping up this season.

“I’m lucky that my character didn’t die,” Carver said. “The saying is that nobody ever dies on Teen Wolf, but I was definitely grateful to have run off to wherever I went to as Ethan. Coming back, it is such a great set. I’ve been lucky to be in different sets and every job has its virtues but this is a family.

“I know you all know that [Tyler] Hoechlin is coming back, [Colton Hyanes] is coming back and other are people coming back. We all talk to each other and be like, “We have to go back and we have to make sure that we do something great for the fans and something that we get to do for fun.’ It’s a blast. I can’t wait for you guys to see these next 10 episodes because when you know a show is going to end, you give it your all and everybody’s all in. It’s a good ride.”

Teen Wolf Season 6B premieres tonight at 8pm on MTV.