“The Magicians” Cast Preview Season 3: Alice’s Human Challenges, Eliot & Margo’s “Bigger Threat”

OMFGTV caught up with some of the stars of Syfy’s The Magicians at San Diego Comic Con in July of 2017, where they teased a bit of how season 3 will begin.

Olivia Taylor Dudley was very open about Alice’s anger towards Quentin (Jason Ralph) going into the new season. “We get to play such strong females on this show, which is why I love it and why I wanted to sign on for it, and I really fu**ing love magic,” she tells us. “But I think this season she’s really mad that this man brought her back to earth and made her human and told her what she was supposed to be.”

Along with that, Olivia also revealed that Alice is forgetting what it’s like to be a Niffin. “She’s becoming human, so she’s kind of going backwards and shifting gears into being human again this season, which is fun and tricky and challenging.” Olivia really enjoys playing the angry and manipulative sides of Alice, and that the Niffin only brought out more of that in her.

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Hale Appleman and Summer Bishil also had a bit to share about their characters Eliot and Margo this season. When we last see the High King and Queen of Fillory, they are without magic and have to deal with the fairies, and that’s sort of where they are when season 3 starts off.

According to Summer, this season is about putting aside their differences and dealing with the more problematic matters at hand. “We’re just sort of dealing with bigger things than just our basic relationship problems.”

“There’s a bigger threat,” Appleman adds. “We’re ruling our kingdom and we are simultaneously being ruled. So the first step is how to navigate that. Overall this season, there’s kind of a unity to the overall arc of the season for all the characters in that we’re united in one big, common intention, a big quest.

“I think that will really ground the show in and of itself,” he continues, “and all the various storylines are all working towards the same end goal. Which I think is really exciting and gives the show a new kind of balance that I think will serve it really well.”

Be sure to catch The Magicians season 3 premiere on Syfy Wednesday January 10 at 9pm!

Photo Credit: Eike Schroter, Eric Milner/Syfy