SDCC: Season 3, Love Triangles, Season Zero & More of What We Learned from the “Wynonna Earp” Panel

On Saturday July 22, 2017, the cast and creators of Syfy’s series Wynonna Earp took the stage at SDCC to reveal lots of juicy tidbits! In attendance was Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Varun Saranga, Katherine Barrell, Tamara Duarte, Beau Smith, and Emily Andras. OMFGTV was front and center to for the emotional panel, and we do mean emotional, and we are happy to report what we learned!

We’re Getting a Third Season!!! | The biggest announcement made at the panel came on the heels of an exclusive trailer for those in attendance, announcing that she show would be returning in 2018! The audience immediately stood up and, led by Shamier Anderson, began chanting “Season 3! Season 3!” Several members of the audience and cast were crying, it was all very happy and emotional.

Emily Andras jokes about what season 3 may contain. “I don’t know. Dolls is probably gonna be in it. Doc might be there. WayHaught. I don’t know.” Andras continues teasing, “Mel, maybe not pregnant.” But Emily does make one serious claim about the third season that Earpers should be delighted about. “All the things that you love are gonna be in it, duh! Times one hundred.”

Melanie’s Pregnancy, The Biggest Blessing | Emily Andras felt really good about season 2 prior to learning about Melanie’s pregnancy, joking that she was even ahead on scripts, when Melanie dropped the pregnancy bomb. “Our show is a totally feminist badass show.” Andras credits the end product to not having much choice in what direction to take the season, but that was actually a blessing.

“I was so scared to disappoint you,” was Scrofano’s reply to her fearless showrunner. In a very emotional moment, Scrofano breaks down into tears for the first time during the panel. Dominique chose this time to chime in and let Melanie and the fans know her feelings as well. “You brought the biggest gift we could have hoped for. Like, truly I think that the reason why this season is so special is because of that.”

Love Triangles | Wynonna Earp is known for having a non-traditional family element to it, and I think it’s safe to assume that that will continue as our favorite demon hunter struggles to raise a child. Emily Andras loves the idea of “building the family you want versus the family you have,” which is exactly what every character in this show has done and will continue to do.

“I’m still sticking to my answer of last year,” says Tim Rozon. “that Wynonna doesn’t need to choose which guy she wants to be with, and that’s fine.”

Newbies | If you’ve been keeping up with the show, then you know Wynonna Earp has added two amazing actors to the cast for the second season. But was it easy for them to join the cast or were they a feeling a little left out? Tamara Duarte admits, “I was an Earper first!” So she knew what the show was about and was eager to join, but also very nervous. “Coming in you feel really nervous because you feel like you’re going into someone’s Thanksgiving and everyone has their own dynamic.” But Duarte was very relieved when she realized how warm and welcoming everyone on the show is, and Varun Saranga echoed her sentiments.

Wynonna Earp: Season Zero | In case you’re unaware, Wynonna Earp the show is based off of a comic series of the same name. Beau Smith created that series, and continues to write more Wynonna Earp stories for fans to enjoy. Smith recently co-wrote a series with Rozon and Scrofano, and was able to share news of his newest series. It is Wynonna Earp: Season Zero, and it will once again be co-written by Tim Rozon. According to Smith, Emily has given him three gifts to move forward with this season in terms of Wynonna backstory. “As you know, before everything happened she [Wynonna] ran with a biker gang called The Banditos.” Emily told Smith to “flesh that out.” Another “gift” given to Smith by Andras was permission to explore what the key Wynonna always wears around her neck goes to. And the last thing Beau Smith will be addressing in Season Zero is what Lucado was referencing at the end of season 1 when she told Wynonna “I know what you did.”

Favorite Season 2 Moments | Get your Kleenex, Earpers, because it’s about to get emotional! Everyone on the panel described what their favorite moments from season 2 were, and some had a harder time keeping it together than others. Katherine Barrell loves the scene between Nicole and Nedley where he reminds her that being a good cop matters. “It was such an amazing reminder for her, and for me as an actor.”

Varun Saranga’s favorite moment is from his second day on set, while filming with Dominique. “I was super nervous and scared to hop onto this, and she was very supportive and loving.”

Emily Andras and Tamara Duarte share the same favorite moment, but couldn’t share with the class because it is from the finale. But they did tease that it was an Earp Sister’s moment!

Dominique’s favorite moment came at the end of episode 206, when Waverly is comforting and holding her sister. “Never in my life have I had an experience like that.” Dominique began to tear up, prompting Melanie to get up and give her a big sisterly hug. But Dominique wasn’t done praising Melanie just yet. “Truly, Melanie is one of the most incredible performers that, I genuinely believe, is on TV. To be able to sit there in that scene and have another presence there…it was very humbling.”

And if Dominique’s answer didn’t hit you right in the feels, maybe Tim Rozon’s will. His favorite scene was is 207 when Doc and Wynonna have “the talk” and we see him step up to the plate to be the father. “It’s so rare to be in awe of another actor while you’re doing a scene or performing with them,” he says as he describes the dynamic on set. “It was really easy to act with Melanie this year. To be affected by her. Because of what was going on, she was an inspiration.” Rozon went on to say that from a selfish point, “this was the best experience I ever could have had as an actor.” At this point, Melanie and just about everyone else in the room was crying, but Tim wasn’t done praising Melanie just yet.

“At the end of that scene, when I put my hand on her belly, I felt the first kick. And we looked at each other, and what do you want me to say? I’m just so Team Scrofano!”

Once Melanie wiped away the buckets of tears Dominique and Tim caused her to shed, she was finally able to share some of her favorite season 2 moments. She has a favorite moment with every member of the cast, but she did tease two big moments that we haven’t seen yet. “There’s one with Dom and another cast member. And then there’s one with this guy [Tim]. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about when you see it then I don’t know how to help you.”

Wynonna Earp airs Friday’s on Syfy at 10pm!

Photo Credit: Christina B./OMFGTV