SDCC: “Wynonna Earp” Cast Talk Melanie Scrofano’s Pregnancy & Tease Rest of Season 2

OMFGTV was able to catch up with the cast of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp at San Diego Comin-Con 2017 to discuss season 2 and Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy!

The majority of the cast can agree that Melanie Scrofano’s pregnancy was an absolute blessing for this cast, and made season 2 that much more special. Shamier Anderson comments on how he tried to stay respectful , “But also still treating her like she was Mel without being pregnant, cause she was delivering every day — doing fight scenes, kicking through doors, and just being a trooper!”

Beau Smith, creator of the Wynonna Earp comic book series, thinks that writing the pregnancy into the show was an incredible idea, and one that is pushing boundaries, hopefully, for’

There were several different options the writers could have taken with Scrofano’s pregnancy, but showrunner Emily Andras thinks writing it in was the best option for this story. “This is not a sitcom, I didn’t want her carrying increasingly large loads of laundry when the demons invade the Homestead. I want her kicking some demon ass, and she wanted that too.

“I really wanted the audience to know the show is still gonna be the same, she still had a job to do. And I also felt like maybe that story hadn’t been done before, a pregnant superhero.” And that wasn’t the first time Andras called Scrofano a superhero, “If you wanna know what a real life superhero looks like, that’s your answer.” We think so too.

For Melanie, doing season 2 while pregnant taught her a lot about herself. “I learned that I can do anything.” Melanie was shooting the show and writing a comic book with Beau Smith, all while 5.5+ months pregnant! “Well if I can do that I can literally do anything. And that’s true for anyone. You don’t know what you’re capable of until life just sort of goes, ‘here you go. Deal with it.'”

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Season 2 still has several episodes to go until the finale, and several members of the cast were able to tease little of what is to come.

“It’s all cliffhanger endings from here on out!” teases Andras.

Tim Rozon wasn’t able to tell us much about what’s to come for Doc, but he did tease a little about Tamara Duarte’s character, Rosita. “A lot of the Rosita stuff’s just about to start. There’s a lot of important stuff that hasn’t been dealt with, and I think we’re really about to get into that.”

Shamier wasn’t very specific about his tease, but he did let us know there will be some familiar faces returning. “Let’s just say, there’ll be some faces that may be coming back from season one.”

Melanie is most excited for fans to see the finale. “I can’t wait for you to see the end. Because I think we really earn it. And I think the journey that we take to get there is, like all the pieces that happened on the way to that finale, should make for a pretty epic finale.”

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.