SDCC: “Teen Wolf” Cast Preview Upcoming Challenges, New Relationships & More

Just like the Season 5 finale that preceded it, the first half of Teen Wolf Season 6 (6A) ended perfectly and both served well as a series closer. In fact, if either of those finales, especially 6A, were its final goodbye, we’d be satisfied. But because the MTV supernatural series is the gift that keeps on giving, there’s so much more to come and more stories to tell!

OMFGTV recently sat down with some of the cast members to chat about what fans can expect when we return to Beacon Hills for the show’s final 10 episodes.

As Khylin Rhambo previews, hard times are in store for everyone in Beacon Hills, but love will always prevail.

“In 6B there are challenges, having relationships through challenges, external challenges, internal, whatever that is,” Rhambo tells us. “Being able to stick together and hold onto that love, that bond, I think that’s going to be something very cool to see.

“That’s really what Teen Wolf is about,” he continues. “Regardless of what gender, anything, there’s a love bond between all of them. So keeping that intact while everything is just going crazy, I think that’s what’s going to be great that we can see Mason and Corey specifically go through.”

Aside from Corey and Mason being one of Teen Wolf‘s established relationships, there is one new pairing that caught viewers by surprise! Melissa McCall and Chris Argent locked lips after an intense standoff with a Ghost Rider ended with Argent beating the gunslinger at his own game. It was a victory that Melissa tells him “was so hot!”

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Unfortunately, for those who were hoping for Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski to be an item, Mama McCall’s potrayer Melissa Ponzio says the final episodes will have more even more of McArgent.

“I thought that maybe it was just because [Melissa and Chris] were in this parallel world that that [kiss happened], so when we came back and we were still exploring it for 6B, I was like, ‘Oh, this is real! This is a real thing. This isn’t just happening because all this other cataclysmic stuff is happening. We’ll get to explore it more in 6B.”

Also more of what will be explored will be the question of a redemption arc for Theo, which was hinted at in the beginning of the season. Cody Christian says that will play out “throughout season six.”

“Can that come to fruition? Is he capable of that, of finding acceptance from Scott and his pack and making his connections of not being alone and not being an outside?r I think that’s a big prevalent question that carries through 6B with Theo.”

Of course, if you’ve been following the show and made it this far, it only makes sense to ride it out until the very end. And Dylan Sprayberry promises those who do will not be disappointed.

“We did a really good job wrapping up the whole show,” Sprayberry says. “The show has been going on 100 episodes, so you have to do a really good job closing it out. We kind of went back to simpler times where we have hunters again, which is really cool. That’s a perfect way to end the show — you know, you end it the way you began it, which is really cool.

“You get to see some new characters relive what older characters have gone through, which is cool. Why not see what happens to everybody? There’s going to be some deaths and some sunsets, you just don’t know who gets them.”

Teen Wolf Season 6B premieres tonight at 8pm on MTV.