“The Shannara Chronicles” Recap: Leaving Lyria

It’s so nice to have new episodes of The Shannara Chronicles weekly again! The second episode of the season did not slow down from the premiere, in fact it might have held even more twists and turns! Eretria finds out the truth about Lyria’s past, Wil must avoid The Crimson, Bandon proves he might not be 100% evil, and someone we really like dies! ‘Wraith’ was directed by Brad Turner and written by Evan Endicott and Josh Stoddard.

Sexy Bounty Hunter | At the end of last weeks premiere Eretria (Ivana Baquero) and Lyria (Vanessa Morgan) were in some hot water when they’re captured by rovers. This episode picks up with them being tied up, but rescued by a handsome bounty hunter Lyria recognizes as Garet Jax (Gentry White). I should use the word “rescued” lightly, because although he did save their lives, he knocks out Eretria and takes Lyria because she is his bounty.

Where’s the Head? | Ander (Aaron Jakubenko) and Allanon (Manu Bennett) meet in a cave so Allanon can fill Ander in on what happened with Bandon (Marcus Vanco) at Skull Mountain. Bandon now possesses the sword and the heart of the Warlock Lord, if he obtains his head he will be able to resurrect the evil Druid. Though the Warlock Lord made sure his head could not be destroyed, Allanon insures Ander that it is completely hidden.

Allanon, Ander, Catania (Brooke Williams), Slanter (Glen Levy), and some new random guard go to the Kingdom of Leah where they meet with Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chikezie) . And surprise surprise, she happens to be Lyria’s mother. She’s the one who put a bounty out on her daughter so that she could be back in time to marry Ander. The elves want an alliance, and Queen Tamlin will only agree to that if he puts Lyria on his throne ASAP.

Princess Rover Again? | Eretria clearly has a type — princess. But now she wants answers. She disguises herself as someone working in the bordello and sneaks ambushes Jax for answers. He’s not too keen on giving anything up at first, then he realizes Eretria is in love with the princess so he helps her. Eretria sneaks into Lyria’s chambers, but is immediately seized by palace guards. Lyria told Ander that Eretria is there and needs his help, and he tells the guards the rover girl is a hero and under his protection. Eretria tells Ander the message she received from Amberle, and Ander tells her the truth about Ambertree. Later, the Queen tries to bribe Eretria with a bag of diamonds, and we never see her response. When she leaves the palace, she asks Lyria to go with her, but the princess says her mother will kill Eretria next time she found them together. Eretria is stronger than I could ever be and walks away from the one she loves.

Druid in Trouble | After everyone has heard Amberle’s warning to Eretria they decide that Allanon, Catania, and Eretria should go find Wil (Austin Butler) before Bandon does. As he’s preparing a horse to leave, Allanon is captured by General Riga (Desmond Chiam) of The Crimson. The General has a device that makes him impervious to magic, making capturing the Druid very easy. Fortunately Eretria and Catania see the whole thing, so they decide Catania can go tell her secret boyfriend Ander while Eretria goes to look for Wil. What isn’t so fortunate is what happens to Catania, who tells the random elf guard that they’d been betrayed to The Crimson and is killed by him. Never trust the random guards!

Chasing Waterfalls | Wil and Mareth (Malese Jow) are on their way to Shady Vale in search of Wil’s uncle Flick (Mark Mitchinson) when they’re again attacked by the Wraiths. They jump off of a waterfall and hide in the hidden grotto below, where Mareth opens up about her past. She’s able to do magic because she was born with it, she didn’t have to learn it like her father.

When they continue on their journey to Shady Vale they find Uncle Flick, injured, but alive. He fills Wil in on some family history. Suddenly the Wraiths are upon them, and Mareth tells Wil and Flick to get in the barn. She tries to distract the Wraiths, but the Red Wraith doesn’t fall for it and materializes inside the barn with Wil and Flick. They are joined by Bandon, who got Wil’s location from a gnome he let live after getting what he needed. Bandon tries to persuade Wil into joining him, so he could learn true power. Wil refuses and Bandon shows just ow strong he is by pinning Wil against the wall bleeding from his nose and ears. Bandon wants the location of the Warlock Lord’s head, and Flick gives it to him. It’s in Paranor, but they need a Druid and a Shannara to get it. Bandon gives Wil 3 days to bring him Allanon if he wants to see his uncle again, then the Red Wraith takes Flick away with them.

Eretria and Lyria are done–for now at least–Catania is dead, Allanon is a prisoner of The Crimson, and Wil needs to save his uncle. Things can only get crazier from here!

The Shannara Chronicles airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Spike!

Photo Credit: Spike