“The Shannara Chronicles” Recap: It’s Always Spiders

There is nothing scarier than a spider that could pick up a car, so of course that’s the monster in this week’s riveting new episode of The Shannara Chronicles. To balance out all the scary spider action, there is also plenty of bad ass lady action in this episode! ‘Dweller’ was written by Elle Triedman.

Evil Bandon is Still Evil | Bandon (Marcus Vanco) decides to pay a visit to Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chikezie), killing her guards while invisible. He reminds her that The Warlock Lord saved her kingdom 30+ years ago, and he’s here to collect.

Bandon takes his prisoner Flick (Mark Mitchinson) with him to stay at what seems to be a random farmhouse with a random family, but Bandon doesn’t do anything randomly. This is where he grew up, and this family moved in because no one else would. When the father starts speaking ill of magic users Bandon decides it’s time to teach him a lesson. He kills the mans son in front of him and his wife.

She Loves Her | In Leah, Ander (Aaron Jakubenko) and Lyria (Vanessa Morgan) get to know each other a little better in the stables where Lyria confesses she is still in love with Eretria (Ivana Baquero). It’s perfect timing, because Eretria happens to be walking into the stables with Jax (Gentry White) to warn Ander about Edain’s (Matthew Arbuckle) deceit. While alone, Eretria reminds Lyria that she’s more powerful than she thinks, the queen needs her not the other way around. This gives Lyria the confidence to stand up to her mother and demand that Eretria be left alone.

This leads to Ander disguising as The Crimson and meeting with Edain. Tamlin, who had been working with The Crimson up until now, decides to hold trial for Edain and his co-conspirators. Those Tamlin finds guilty, which is all of them, get pushed over a waterfall. When it comes to Edain, Tamlin gives Ander the honors of pushing his friend over the edge.

Later, Ander and Queen Tamlin clearly don’t get along well, but he forces her to swear to help him bring down The Crimson.

Father/Daughter Bonding | Wil (Austin Butler), Allanon (Manu Bennett), and Mareth (Malese Jow) go back to the Gnomes of Storlock to allow Wil to recover from his unscheduled blood draining. This leaves Allanon and Mareth to “bond,” something neither party seems to want. All Mareth wants is help controlling her magic, not father/daughter time.

On the way to Paranor Allanon decides a detour is necessary to get the Sword of Shannara which is buried with Wil’s father. He is buried in a remote chasm that is both wondrous and terrifying when it’s clear they are being followed. They split up–never a good plan–and Allanon continues to question Mareth about her magical abilities while Wil gets stalked and captured by a Dweller, a giant spider with tentacles that feeds on pain.

Allanon and Mareth find Wil cocooned up and being fed on by the Dweller so they hack at it until Wil blows it away with the Elfstones. Once recovered, they continue through the chasm to the sword. They find it with his fathers preserved body, and Wil remembers playing with it as a child. Now it’s his turn to wield it as the Shannara.

The Shannara Chronicles airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Spike!

Photo Credit: Spike