“The Shannara Chronicles” Recap: Here Comes the Warlock Lord

So much went down this week in The Shannara Chronicles! After another 2 episodes, the Warlock Lord is back, several are dead, and Wil learns to let go of the love he has for Amberle. ‘Warlock’ was written by Alex Diaz and Julie Sagalowsky and directed by James Marshall, and ‘Amberle’ was written by Elle Triedman.

Tamlin Does What’s Right | Lyria (Vanessa Morgan), Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chikezie), Jax (Gentry White), and Eretria (Ivana Baquero) are able to escape the Crimson long enough for Tamlin to give her daughter the key to Heaven’s Well and instructions to get to Cogline (Andrew Grainger) to get the answers to the questions she must have. Seconds after Lyria and Eretria leave, Riga captures Tamlin, Jax, and Slanter (Glen Levy) that’s been helping them. Riga wants them to join the Crimson or he will make an example out of them to his people. Tamlin realizes she’s made a lot of bad decisions in her lifetime, but she knows she can make up for them. She walks off the balcony into the waterfall in front of all her people, but she does it on her terms and not Riga’s, pissing him off even more with her final act. Slanter and Jax get rescued by Slanter’s men, and Grandal (Graham Vincent) helps as well, he just wants Lyria safe.

Eretria and Lyria find a safe place to sleep/cuddle until Cogline comes for them. While Eretria sleeps, she receives another message from Amberle (Poppy Drayton), who tells her she needs to get Wil to the Ellcrys ASAP! When she awakes Cogline is there and she shares Amberle’s message with him. He explains Heaven’s Well to Lyria and how the Warlock Lord will be coming for her for the key to it if he ever returns. And since the episode is titled ‘Warlock’, I think he’s coming back sooner rather than later. Cogline is worried the Warlock Lord will try to use the darkness in Eretria.

Druid Coma | Allanon (Manu Bennett) has been cut by the sword of the Warlock Lord, poisoning him and causes him to slip into a coma. Mareth (Malese Jow) finds a way to get him back, but she’s going to have to enter his coma and bring him back herself. When she does this she finds out he’s there on purpose, he needs to speak to his mentor and the only way to do that now is during a deep sleep like a coma. From his mentor he learns that Mareth not only is his daughter, but she’s the next Druid. He always thought it was Bandon (Marcus Vanco), but it’s really his daughter.

Eretria finds Wil and delivers Amberle’s message to Wil just before the pair watches Allanon and Mareth come out of their comas and Allanon heals from the poisoned cut. But one of Allanon’s runes on his body vanishes and appears on Mareth. He is slowly dying and his magic along with it, but Mareth’s magic is getting stronger.

Eretria calls Mareth out on her feelings for Wil and she admits she’s jealous of Ambertree. Once away from Storlock, Eretria fills Wil in on Ander’s (Aaron Jakubenko) death, and he realizes Mareth is the next in line for Arborlon’s throne.

The Warlock Lord Rises | Bandon travels to the Warlock Lord’s fortress in Greymark and kills all the Crimson soldiers who have taken it over. He then uses his blade to carve symbols into the ground and places the skull, heart, and sword inside them, then he brings back the one he hopes teach him even more about dark magic. But surprise surprise, guess who the Warlock Lord looks like…Allanon.

No More Chosen | When Wil and Eretria arrive at Arborlon they see the bodies of half the Chosen, the Crimson have taken over. There are tracks where the other half fled into the forest, Eretria promises to find them while Wil goes in to talk to Amberle.

Eretria finds the rest of the Chosen captured by the Crimson. She rescues them, but something rather unfortunate happens, a wraith shows up. At first it kills the Crimson, good wraith, but then it comes for Eretria. She tries to use her magic to stop it but can’t, it takes over her body making her Gooetria.

Ambertree | Wil enters the Ellcrys and is greeted with Amberle, dressed different from the last time we saw her and more whimsical, is on a beach and ready to speak to him. Wil wants answers for why Amberle became the Ellcrys, so she appears to him dressed as he last saw her. He confesses his love for her, and she tells him they can always cherish what they had, but he now needs to let go of her. He shares his fears with her, tells her he has seen them losing, but she tells Wil the Warlock Lord has a weakness. The Sword of Shannara, too bad it’s broken.

The Ellcrys forces Wil to fix his truth, which is his father Shea (JarredBlakiston), and they do. They fix his truth, which is letting go of Amberle, and that fixes the Sword of Shannara, the only thing capable of saving them.

Bring Her Back | The Warlock Lord can sense that Bandon wants something from him, and he does. He has Catania’s (Brooke Williams) body, and he wants the Warlock Lord to bring her back in exchange for his lifelong servitude. The Warlock Lord does bring her back, but when she expresses her dislike for Bandon the Warlock Lord makes her evil so he can have his fun with her before forcing Bandon to kill her.

Magic Always Has a Price | Allanon is training Mareth, but more of his runes are disappearing. Because he didn’t put himself into the Druid’s Sleep a year before to replenish his magic he is going to die.

Riga finds out the Druid, his daughter, and the Codex he’s been searching for are all in Storlock, so he decides to travel there to capture them. He’s able to get Mareth by sneaking up on her while she was training and knocking her out.

General Riga reveals to Allanon that he is there and he has Mareth, he demands the Codex for her life. But when Allanon hands it over the general betrays him and doesn’t let either of them go. Riga gets message his people at Greymark have gone silent, so he orders Allanon and Mareth be burned at the stake while he travels to see what’s up with his other men.

Riga and some of his men arrive at Greymark to see the Warlock Lord at work. He kills all of Riga’s men and, when he finds out Riga is impervious to magic, gets creative when he kills him. He binds the general in barbed wire, has the gates of Greymark hold him still, and pulls his head off just like I used to do to all my Barbie’s. Bye bye general, guess you won’t be getting rid of magic after all.

Bandon tells the Warlock Lord about Lyria, and the WL wants to find her to get to Heaven’s Well.

When Wil exits the Ellcrys he finds Eretria outside covered in blood. She says she’s fine, the rest of the Chosen are safe, and they’re good to go. Too bad that was a lie. She’s still possessed by the wraith and killed the Chosen.

Only two more episodes are left of this season of The Shannara Chronicles, and both air next week! What do you think will happen in the showdown between good and evil? Will all of Wil’s visions of the future come true?

Catch The Shannara Chronicles season finale next Wednesday at 9pm and 10pm on Spike!

Photo Credit: Spike