“The Shannara Chronicles” Season Finale Recap: Protecting Heaven’s Well

This week was the penultimate and finale episodes of The Shannara Chronicles, and holy crap were they amazing!!! Not only did they look stunning and have amazing music, they also wrap up several story lines in satisfying ways while also leaving it open for more if they get renewed. ‘Wilderun’ was written by Matt Lambert and directed by Toa Fraser, and ‘Blood’ was written by Evan Endicott and Josh Stoddard and directed by Brad Turner.

Bye Bye Bandon | The Warlock Lord (Manu Bennett) has been trying to overpower Eretria (Ivana Baquero), but she’s still resisting him. He asks Bandon (Marcus Vanco) what it is he truly wants and forces the truth out of him. Bandon wants to learn true power from the Warlock Lord so no one can hurt him ever again. The WL shows Bandon the Codex, and suddenly he understands. True power cannot be learned, it must be taken; he attacks the WL. Unfortunately for Bandon, he’s not strong enough yet to defeat the WL and he is killed by the sword he once wielded. Allanon (Manu Bennett), Jax (Gentry White), Slanter (Glen Levy), and Mareth (Malese Jow) arrive at Graymark shortly after to find the body and head of Gen. Riga () and Bandon’s body. Allanon is deeply wounded by this, he feels like he failed Bandon. Allanon then instructs Jax and Slanter to go to Heaven’s Well to protect it while he and Mareth go find and protect Lyria (Vanessa Morgan).

Eretria Goes Dark | Eretria and Lyria are hiding with Cogline (Andrew Grainger) and his people, but she’s getting a bit moody. Her and Lyria have a moment and she snaps at her, but instead of being hurt by it Lyria instead removes one of her knees and gets on one knee asking Eretria to be her queen. He don’t see her response, and suddenly the place is attacked by wraiths. Cogline showed Lyria where to hide form them, so she takes Eretria and Wil (Austin Butler) with her. They get inside an old shipping container rigged with electric currents flowing around it so the wraiths can’t get in. Too bad this is the time Eretria can’t fight back against the darkness, she gets all goo-eyed then attacks Wil and Lyria. She briefly fights it off to prevent herself from seriously hurting Lyria, but is ultimately overcome by it and lets in the Red Wraith, who possesses her.

Allanon Gives His All | Allanon faces off against his longtime enemy, The Warlock Lord. But neither he, nor Mareth and Cogline can defeat him. The WL is too powerful, he kills the Druid. It was pretty obvious he wasn’t going to survive the season, but we’re still sad to see him go. Now Mareth is the new Druid, along with the Queen of Arborlon.

Heaven’s Well | Possessed Eretria drags Lyria to the entrance of Heaven’s Well to deliver her to the WL. He instructs her to go to the control room for the dam to keep the gates open so he can infect the Silver River. He uses the key Lyria possesses to open Heaven’s Well and knocks her out before entering. Wil and Mareth meet him there, but they’re too late. He’s already bleeding into the Well, and since Eretria succeeded in getting into the control room it is spreading through the Silver River. Wil and the WL fight, but the WL is able to knock the Sword of Shannara out of Wil’s hand and stab him through the abdomen. Mareth uses her magic to get Wil his sword, and he stabs the WL through the heart, killing him.

As Wil is bleeding out he starts to bleed into the Well and notices it heals the water. He remembers what his father told him about his blood being what saves his people, and he suddenly knows what he has to do. After saying goodbye to Mareth and giving her the Elf Stones, he plunges into the Well, letting his blood heal the Silver River.

Aftermath | After everything goes down with the WL, Lyria gets crowned Queen of Leah, but Eretria tells her she can’t be with her right now. She doesn’t want to risk hurting her again so she wants to train with Cogline, but Lyria tels her to come back to her when she’s done. Jax is now General of Lyria’s army and Eretria makes him promise to protect the Queen. Mareth should be heading to Arborlon to rule, but she instead is going with Eretria and Cogline to train and learn how to be a Druid. As they’re setting off she senses something and checks the Elf Stones, they’re glowing. She knows Wil is alive. Which he is, but where exactly is he? He’s surrounded by skeletons with flying demons circling overhead, things aren’t looking too great for him.

What did you think of the final 2 episodes of the second season? Were you surprised by anything or upset by any deaths? Keep your fingers crossed that The Shannara Chronicles gets renewed for a season 3 so we can see how everyone saves Wil’s ass…again.