Lee Daniels & Queen Latifah Go Behind-the-Scenes of New Musical Drama “STAR”

star fox

FOX’s highly-anticipated new musical drama STAR premiered at very special screenings across the country lately and the reviews are in!

“It didn’t come off as a TV show; it came off as a movie,” said one excited viewer. “You’re going to fall in love with these characters, you’re going to cry with these characters, you’re going to rejoice with these characters, you’re going to love this show, period.”

The network (who also brought you Glee and Grease: Live) also released two behind-the-scenes featurettes, which you can check out below!

“I like the concept of girl groups and their story and how they got there,” explains Star creator Lee Daniels. “Star is about the desperation to get into show business, but what happens when you get to the top? Empire has laid the foundation of Star. We will understand what goes into the makings of a star.”

“It would take a Lee Daniels to bring me back to television,” says Emmy Award, Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Queen Latifah (“Bessie,” “Bringing Down The House”) who stars as Carlotta. “This is my first time working with Lee. It’s great to be in his world and see his vision. It’s different than anyone I’ve ever worked with before.

“Every day is exciting, every day is thrilling, every day you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.”

STAR, the special premiere, airs Wednesday, December 14, at 9pm on FOX.

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