“Stranger Things” Recap: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, “Stranger Things” style, as Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will go trick or treating with Max, Hopper makes Eleven a Halloween promise and Nancy tries to pretend that everything’s normal in “Chapter Two: Trick Or Treat, Freak.”

Who You Gonna Call?- It’s October 31, and Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas arrive to school dressed as Ghostbusters, only to find out that no one else at their school is dressed up, which Dustin calls, “a conspiracy.” Dustin also gets up the courage to ask Max to go trick or treating with their crew, which Max finds “presumptuous”, a word which flies over their heads.

Max is picked up by her brother, Billy, who is a straight up abusive potential child killer, as he tries to run over Dustin, Mike and Lucas on the road. He also tells Max it’s her fault they’re suck in Hawkins, but Max disagrees. Max joins Mike and company for trick or treating, which Mike doesn’t like. Will ends up in the Upside Down again, with a video camera that could’ve potentially captured it on tape, before Mike finds him and takes him home. Dustin goes home and hears a noise in the trash can, but the episode ends before we see what it is.

Compromise- A flashback reveals that after defeating the Demogorgon, Eleven ended up in the Upside Down, only to find her way back to Hawkins almost immediately. She went to Mike’s house, but saw him talking to the cops and ran away, living in the woods for months, and killing and roasting squirrels to survive.

In present day, Eleven tries to convince Hopper to go trick or treating in a ghost sheet, but he shoots the idea down, promising to bring her candy as a compromise. But Hopper gets a call about rotting pumpkin patches and ends up late, buying some kid’s Halloween candy and arriving home to find Eleven angrily cooped up in her room.

Stupid Teenagers- Nancy is threatening to crack under the pressure of keeping Barb’s death a secret, especially in light of finding out that Barb’s parents are selling their house to fund a private investigator. Steve takes her to a Halloween party to try to loosen up, which backfires when Nancy gets drunk and calls out Steve for pretending that everything’s normal when it’s not. She also says that they’re just pretending to be in love, which prompts Steve to angrily storm out just as Jonathan arrives and takes the drunk Nancy home.

“Stranger Things” season two is now streaming on Netflix. Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix