“Stranger Things” Recap: Say Hello to My Little Friend

More backstory was revealed on Stranger Things in “Chapter Three: The Pollywog,” as Dustin shares his unusual discovery with Mike, Lucas and Will, which brings up bad memories from Will. Eleven makes a bold decision and Hopper puts pressure on Owens to act.

Something Strange | The mysterious thing in Dustin’s trash turns out to be a reptile-like creature Dustin dubs “Dart.” Dustin is protective of the critter, despite Mike and Will’s objections that it’s from the Upside Down. Dart gets loose in the school and Dustin finds it, but hides it from the others, clearly having learned nothing from Eleven’s motto, “Friends don’t lie.”

When is Soon? | Speaking of Eleven, she flashes back to how she came to live with Hopper. Hopper was placing food in the woods for her and came across her one day- clearly, he had a feeling that she was alive somehow- and fixed up an old cabin for them to live in. He also told her to never leave the cabin until it was safe, calling it a “Stupid decision.”

Eleven, however, gets fed up with Hopper’s rules and leaves the cabin to go to the school to find Mike, only to see him talking with Max, assuming the worst and storming off before Mike can see her. She also uses her powers to make Max fall off her skateboard. Eleven has issues, man…

Stand Your Ground | Will gets some advice from Bob, who tells him about facing his fears about Bob’s own recurring nightmare. After finding Dart in the bathroom, Will is pulled back into the Upside Down and is confronted by a Cloverfield monster/Cthulu looking thing. Will tries to confront the monster with Bob’s advice, which not only doesn’t work, but enrages the monster to the point that it shoves its’ smoky tentacles down Will’s throat. So much for facing your fears.

Will Mike and Eleven work things out? What will happen to Will? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Stranger Things season two is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix