“Stranger Things” Recap: What Lies Beneath

“Stranger Things” gets dark- and that’s saying something- for “Chapter Four: Will the Wise,” in which Will attempts to communicate to Joyce what he saw in the Upside Down, while Hopper and Eleven confront each other after Eleven’s escape from the cabin.

Meet Your Maker- Hopper discovers that Eleven left the cabin and the two of them have a violent and upsetting argument before Hopper leaves the next morning to go investigate Will’s latest episode. Joyce tries to get Will to show Hopper what he saw in the Upside Down by drawing it out and at first, the drawing seam meaningless, until Hopper realizes that Will is drawing roots. Hopper goes out to the pumpkin patch and digs a hole, discovering an ominous looking tunnel.

Back at the cabin, Eleven starts cleaning up the mess she made in a telekinetic rage, when she finds a basement filled with file boxes- and one labeled “Hawkins Lab” with pictures of her biological mother, Terry Ives. In one of the show’s more heart wrenching scenes, Eleven uses her powers to see her mother for the first time before Terry vanishes.

The Sting- Nancy and Jonathan contact Barb’s parents to try to meet them and tell them the truth about Barb. Unsurprisingly, men from Hawkins Lab arrive and take them back to the lab, where Owens calmly tells them that the mistakes they made in the past are being corrected and they shouldn’t let the truth out. They let the pair go, but turns out Nancy had a tape recorder in her purse that caught the conversation. Nancy and Jonathan drive out of town, as Nancy promises to “burn that place to the ground.”

Oh, and Dustin’s pet pollywog is now a monster that ate his cat. That’s right, this show kills cats now!

“Stranger Things” season two is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix