“Stranger Things” Recap: Just Like Old Times

“Wall-E” director Andrew Stanton helms “Stranger Things'” “Chapter Five: Dig Dug,” in which Joyce discovers that Hopper is in trouble and enlists Bob’s help to try to save him. Lucas tries to convince Max of the Hawkins conspiracy and Eleven meets her real mother.

Breathe, Sunflower | After finding out her real mother’s identity, Eleven hitches a ride to Terry Ives’s house and is at first distraught to find that Terry is all but comatose. But as lights in the house start going off, Eleven goes into her black world to talk to her mother. Here, she sees Terry having her in a Hawkins hospital only to be told that the baby died when Terry knew otherwise. Terry went on a mission into Hawkins Lab and briefly found young Eleven/Jane in a room with another girl, who may or may not be the bank robber from Chapter One. But Brenner found Terry and electrocuted her to the point that she went insane.

Brain Teaser | Joyce is trying to decipher Will’s cryptic drawings and with Bob’s help, figures out that the drawings are a map of Hawkins. They follow the map to the pumpkin patch, where Hopper is stuck underground, being attacked by the killer vines from “The Ruins.” Joyce and Bob venture into the tunnel and rescue Hopper, but are met by Hawkins Lab men who burn the vines, causing Will to go into a seizure.

Do You Believe Me? | Nancy and Jonathan meet the oddball private investigator handling Barb’s case and play him the tape of Owens confessing to his role in Barb’s death. The investigator thinks that no one will believe the story unless they water it down, making it look like Barb’s death was caused by chemicals coming from the Lab.

Lucas meets Max at the arcade and tells her the story of the show so far. Naturally, Max doesn’t believe Lucas at first, but when Lucas says that “Friends don’t lie,” Max seems to soften up. Unfortunately, Billy catches the two together and doesn’t seem pleased. And as we know, child murder is just a walk in the park for him…

“Stranger Things” is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix