“Stranger Things” Recap: It’s A Trap!!!

Prepare for sweaty palms while watching “Stranger Things” “Chapter Six: The Spy.” Will is checked into Hawkins Lab after an unusual incident and Owens is told that he may only get worse. Nancy and Jonathan get closer than ever and Dustin teams up with Steve for a dangerous mission.

Help With the Ladies | Dustin and Steve are working together to find and kill Dart and that led to some pretty awkward “Ladies advice” from Steve to Dustin. Coming from the guy who spray painted that his girlfriend was a slut, that means absolutely nothing.

Speaking of ladies, Lucas recruits Max to join up with Dustin and Steve to lure Dart in for the kill and Max is clearly starting to fall for Lucas, despite still calling him “stalker.” Max also reveals some backstory and that she fears becoming just as nasty and cruel as her brother.

This Unspoken Thing | Nancy and Jonathan celebrate sending out their tape of Owens’s confession to the news outlets by finally hooking up in the paranoid reporter’s guest room. In fairness, it took them a few minutes of tossing and turning and back and forth to do so and they seem awkward as ever keeping it a secret.

Back in Hawkins, Will tells the Hawkins Lab doctors that the shadow monster wants them to go to a certain tunnel. While men with guns dive down into the depths, Owens is told by the experts that killing the monster may also kill Will as well.

Assemble the Team | Lucas, Dustin, Steve and Max lure in Dart to kill him, but then multiple mini-Darts swarm in on them in an intense scene where the foursome nearly die if in weren’t for a mysterious siren call luring the monsters away. This is perfectly timed with the MPs being eaten alive by the same monsters, as Will tearfully confesses that the monster lured them into a trap. Even worse, the monsters are coming out of the tunnel and into the lab.

“Stranger Things” is now streaming on Netflix.