“Stranger Things” Recap: Bad-Ass Boot Camp

Following a nail biting ending to its previous episode, “Stranger Things” decides to take a break from Hawkins and journey to Chicago in “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister.” Eleven finds the other test subject from Hawkins Lab and travels to meet her. Kali and Eleven bond, but they disagree on how to go on with their lives.

Sister, Sister | Eleven uses her powers to track down Kali, the bank robber from the season’s first scene, and ends up leaving the Ives’s house after overhearing Becky call the police, not to mention steal some money from her purse. That’s low, even for a runaway. Eleven arrives in Chicago and finds Kali and her crew of misfits and Kali immediately bonds with her “sister.” Eleven also says her name is Jane now and I’m sick of shows changing character names on us.

Kali shows off her power to create illusions and teaches Eleven- I’m calling her that until further notice- to channel her anger at those who hurt her to use her powers to the fullest. Kali apparently subscribes to the “Star Wars” school of superpower education.

With Great Power… | Kali and her crew give Eleven a goth makeover and with her help, rob a convenience store. They then track down a Hawkins Lab worker who tortured Eleven’s mother and claims that Brenner is still alive. Kali tries to convince Eleven to kill him, but Eleven sees a photo of the man and his daughters and backs down. Kali is so unhappy about this, that she uses her powers to show Eleven an image of Brenner, essentially psychologically scarring her. Harsh.

Friends and Family | Eleven uses her powers to reach out to Hawkins and sees Mike and Hopper back at the lab in danger from the previous episode. Just at that moment, the cops arrive and as the crew are about to escape, Eleven tells Kali that she needs to go home to save her friends and abandons the group.

Honestly, this episode felt uneventful, aside from expanding the “Stranger Things” world outside of Hawkins. The storyline felt rinse and repeat from every other “Kill or be killed” debate and not seeing Kali for six episodes and then cramming her into one hour felt cheap.

What did you think of “The Lost Sister”? After the season premiere, were you hoping to see much more of Kali? Did Eleven make the right decision going back to Hawkins? Let us know in the comments below!

“Stranger Things” is now streaming on Netflix.