“Stranger Things” Season Finale Recap: Familiar Territory

In the season finale of “Stranger Things” “Chapter Nine: The Gate,” Hopper and Eleven must return to Hawkins Lab to close the gate to the Upside Down, while Steve tries to stop Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max from enacting a risky plan.

Reunited and It Feels So… Angry? | Mike and Eleven have a hug before Hopper tells Mike that he was the reason Eleven didn’t contact him. Mike is understandably pissed at Hopper and even tries to rough up Hopper, before the gang realizes that they have bigger fish to fry.

Speaking of frying, Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy take Will to Hopper’s cabin to try to heat up Will because the monster possessing him likes the cold. This turns out to work, but only after the crazed Will nearly chokes Joyce to death. Fortunately, the monster’s essence is expelled from Will for good.

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Mad Max Takes a Stand | Just to keep things interesting, Billy arrives at the Byers house, having been given the address by Mike’s mom. When Billy finds Max there, he up and tries to kill Lucas and even beats the crap out of poor Steve before Max stands up for herself and tells off Billy, threatening him with with Steve’s spiked baseball bat.

Hopper takes Eleven down to the gate, while Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max burn down the vines in the pumpkin patch to distract the mini-Demogorgons just in time for Eleven to seal the gate, killing all the monsters.

Letting Things Cool Down | Just like in season 1, we get an epilogue of sorts as Hawkins Lab is shut down thanks to Nancy and Jonathan’s journalist friend. Barb gets a proper funeral- does this count as justice?- Owens survives and gives Hopper a birth certificate for Jane Hopper, and everyone is happy at the Hawkins School dance. Lucas gets a kiss from Max, much to Dustin’s surprise, Mike gets a kiss from Eleven, and Hopper comforts the still reeling Joyce outside.

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