“Supergirl” Episode Review: The Human Factor

This week on “Supergirl,” Rhea and her soldiers take over Earth, leaving Supergirl and her friends to save the day on their own. When President Marsden gives a controversial order, Supergirl must make a difficult decision.

Full disclosure: My cable died with five minutes to go in this episode. I have only a vague idea of how “Resist” ended, thanks to online spoilers, so this week’s review will be about everything but the last five minutes. Here we go…

With the city under siege by Daxamites, Supergirl and company got help from a trusted old friend: Cat Grant. Turns out she’s best buds with President Marsden, as one is, and even replicates Supergirl’s televised message from the season 1 finale to inspire the citizens of National City to revolt, complete with a dig at the current real world administration. Grant’s one liners were better than ever this week and of course, her bond with Supergirl is what inspired her to stand up and save the day.

Rhea also set a sinister plan into motion to marry Mon-El and Lena so that they can rule Earth with the promise that she will bomb a children’s hospital if they don’t go through with it. Rhea is certainly becoming a capable and evil villain for our heroes to face, a far cry from Non last season. We also got to see Mon-El and Lena interact with some cool results.

“Resist” was a solid prelude to the season finale, with great character moments, even if a lot of it was retreading what’s come before. However, there was enough differences to set it apart from season 1’s finale and it’s looking to be just as compelling as that.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays on The CW.