“Supergirl” Episode Review: Fear Itself

“Supergirl” continues its somber streak in “Triggers” as a psychic thief makes Supergirl see her worst fear realized. Samantha’s daughter Ruby is convinced that her mother has superpowers.

This week, Supergirl dealt with Psi (Yael Grobglas), a metahuman who uses her psychic powers to lay out half the city without lifting a finger, which was a pretty cool concept that the show used to its advantage. At first, it just seemed that Kara was seeing the last day of Krypton as her worst fear, but the show took a dark turn when Kara realized that she was seeing Mon-El in the pod dying in space. This opens up the possibility that Mon-El could be dead and also led to a really cool first person sequence from inside the pod.

Elsewhere, we got more of Samantha as her daughter Ruby became convinced that her mom was a superhero and went to drastic lengths to prove her theory, a-la “Unbreakable.” Ruby frankly takes it a little farther by nearly dying in a disaster caused by Psi as she waited for her mother to save her. Death wish, much?

Other things: Samantha is taking over for Lena as head of L Corp now that Lena is running CatCo. And James seems to be flustered with Lena around the office…

“Triggers” was once again emphasizing the serious side of this superhero show, which isn’t exactly the reason we’re watching this show. While there were lighter moments, “Supergirl’s” new dark direction is lasting long term, which could either be really good or really bad.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW