“Supergirl” Recap: Somebody Save Me

This week, “Supergirl” tackles an interesting debate: Is Supergirl a god? “The Faithful” aims to address this in an intense and exciting episode.

A Change of Heart |The episode opens with Thomas Corville being a drunken jerk on an airplane- the very same airplane that Kara saved from crashing in the show’s very first episode. Fast forward to today, and he’s leading a cult that worships Supergirl, recruiting people that she saved from certain death. He’s also encouraging his followers to cause disasters just so Supergirl can save them.

Kara goes into reporter mode to talk to Corville, who reveals that he knows she’s Supergirl and heard about Kryptonian culture from a satellite that Krypton launched to Earth a-la the Voyager. And this satellite also contained an unstable Kryptonian power source that Corville plans to detonate at a hockey game.

Waiting for a Miracle | Kara figures out Corville’s plan and arrives in the stadium’s basement to stop the bomb, but it has Kryptonite inside. Corville insists that she can save them and it’s part of a test, but Supergirl cuts herself to show him and his followers that they’re really in danger. With the last of her strength, Supergirl laser eyes a hole in the ground that Alex pushes the bomb into, containing the blast and saving the day. Corville goes to prison and vows to keep Kara’s secret, but still worships her, having learned nothing.

Super Mom | Samantha is noticeably overworked as the new CFO of L Corp, repeatedly missing Ruby’s accomplishments to broker a new merger. Lena gives her a pep talk and she, Kara and Alex accompany Samantha to a talent show as Ruby sings “Pure Imagination.” This makes Alex tearfully confess to Kara that she truly wants to be a mom someday, even though Maggie doesn’t want kids. Alex goes home to Maggie, but breaks down after getting in bed with her.

In the episode’s final scene, Samantha looks in the mirror and sees strange markings over her face and a mysterious alien talking to her, who, of course, disappears without a trace. A flashback reveals that the bomb going off in the hole Supergirl made awakened something from a pod in the ocean.

Do you think Sanvers is heading for a breakup? Will Samantha become a threat to National City? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW.