“Supergirl” Recap: End of the Line

The dreaded day has come, “Supergirl” fans: Floriana Lima’s final episode certainly was a doozy. “Damage” packed in emotion, intrigue and some fantastic character drama in one of “Supergirl’s” most fully realized hours.

A Matter of Integrity | Let’s delay the inevitable sob fest and start with a subplot about poisoning children. Okay, that came out wrong, let me explain: Children all over National City start getting sick from lead poisoning and Morgan Edge blames Lena’s lead dispersing device from the season 2 finale. Lena is devastated by this news, so much so, that she steps down from CatCo and tries to apologize to the city before nearly getting shot.

This led to a great scene of a drunken Lena crashing at Samantha’s place telling Kara that her never ending optimism, as much as she loves it about her, isn’t always the right answer. She also says that Kara is terrible at keeping secrets, hinting at the fan theory that Lena has known Supergirl’s true identity for quite a while.

Think Like a Luthor | Kara and Samantha do some detective work and figure out that all the poisoned kids swam at a public pool that used a lead-based chemical in place of chlorine. When Kara tells Lena the name of the company that manufactured the chemical, Lena goes to Edge’s office and points a gun in his face, knowing that he bought the company. So, our villain poisons children because of a sexist grudge? That’s extreme!

Edge knocks out Lena and places her on an automated plane with more poison that Edge tries to crash into the ocean. Supergirl arrives, splits the plane in half with Lena in one end, the poison in the other, but can’t hold onto both. Fortunately, Lena army crawls up the plane and Supergirl saves the day, but of course, Edge gets away with nearly murdering children. Again, extreme.

Last Dance | But now, all good things must come to an end as Alex and Maggie officially break it off because Maggie doesn’t want kids, but have a bittersweet last dance- and some hot sex- before Maggie moves out, her last words to Alex being, “See ya around, Danvers.” Alex is drinking her sorrows away at the bar, just like Kara angrily predicted she would in the season premiere, when Kara tells Alex to pack a bag so they can go home.

How sad are you that Maggie is gone? Do you think Lena knows Kara’s secret? Let us know in the comments.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW.

Photo Credit: Jeff Weddell/The CW