“Supergirl” Recap: Reign Over Me

Supergirl‘s latest episode, “Wake Up,” delivers tons of drama, twists and dark turns, not to mention the origin of our villain and the return of a fan favorite.

Supergirl finds a ship underground that contains Mon-El, who has an agenda of his own. Samantha visits her adoptive mother, who reveals her origin, leading to a shocking twist.

Nature Vs. Nurture | Samantha finally realizes, “Hey, maybe it’s weird that I took a bullet without getting hurt,” and visits Patricia, her adoptive mother, (“Split’s” Betty Buckley) who reveals the Kryptonian pod Sam came to Earth in, which, natch, is kept in the back shed.

In the pod is an alien stick that leads Sam to the desert, where a fortress forms from the rocks. Inside, Sam gets some less than stellar news: She’s a worldkiller who must destroy Earth. Sam freaks the F out before the program in the fortress erases her human memories and turns her into Reign.

A Lot to Explain | Supergirl and company find the ship in the river, along with Mon-El. All seems well until Mon-El tries to steal a metallic ring and talks Winn into helping him use it to awaken the other pods in the ship. Out comes a beautiful woman Imra (Amy Jackson) from Saturn, but not before Mon-El tells Kara the wormhole he went through took him into the 31st century after L Corp devises a cure for the lead poisoning in the atmosphere. Mon-El’s been missing for seven years and of course, Imra is his wife, much to Kara’s shock.

What do you think of Mon-El’s new situation? Do you think Reign will have a heart? Tell us in the comments.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW.

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW