“Supergirl” Recap: Beast Mode

It’s Christmas Eve in National City, but there’s no peace on Earth in “Supergirl’s” mid-season finale, “Reign.” A mysterious symbol appears all over National City and gang members are turning up dead. Everything may be connected to a new superpower known as Reign.

Bah Humbug | Everyone is celebrating the Christmas season at Kara’s place, including Samantha, who wakes up in her bed with no memory of yesterday. Also at the party, Kara and Samantha seem to sense sparks between Lena and James, and I gotta say, the show is missing a serious opportunity for drama for having Kara encouraging Lena to get with James. I know Kara’s a peppy person, but I doubt seeing her best friend and ex boyfriend would bring her holiday cheer. Especially since seeing her ex boyfriend Mon-El with his gorgeous new wife makes her want to cry every second.

The Work of the Beast | But holiday awkwardness will have to wait as a symbol eerily similar to Supergirl’s crest, except for the skull, starts showing up carved into buildings with laser vision. Kara gets a call from prison, where Corville- the obsessed Supergirl worshipper from a few episodes ago- tells her that he met a Kryptonian priestess who foretold the arrival of a worldkiller. So that was the point of that character from about half a season ago!

Lena immediately thinks that Morgan Edge is behind this, but when she tells Samantha about Edge’s connection to her “quarterly assassination attempt,” Samantha suddenly runs off. Also, Lena and James have a kiss, so at least someone has a good night…

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! | Supergirl laser eyes her insignia into CatCo’s rooftop to call out the worldkiller and Reign herself arrives for the showdown. The two brawl, through an office Christmas party, up into the sky and right in the middle of a city street and Supergirl takes such a beating that she starts bleeding. Reign grabs Supergirl and throws her into the ground from a seventy story building and Alex arrives to cart her off to the DEO’s hospital, but Supergirl herself doesn’t wake up.

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“Supergirl” returns Monday, January 15, 2018 on The CW.