“Supergirl” Recap: Supergirl Reloaded

“Supergirl” returns from winter hiatus with “Legion of Superheroes,” in which Brainiac-5 attempts to reach comatose Kara following her defeat at the hands of Reign. Meanwhile, Alex and J’onn launch a plan to take down Reign without Supergirl and Mon-El and Imra face a risky choice.

No More Mercy | While Reign launches a mission that involves killing anyone and everyone who has turned a blind eye to misdeeds, Kara is stuck in a “Star Wars”-esque healing tank as Brainiac-5, one of Mon-El’s Legion of Superheroes, communicates with her in a dreamlike recreation of- Kara’s loft? Also, if this scenario sounds familiar, look at this article’s title.

While Reign is killing by the truckload and Supergirl is MIA, James and Lena talk about their relationship! Distraction, much? The only point of this subplot was for J’onn to impersonate Kara as Lena turns to “her” for advice. Melissa Benoist doing her David Harewood impression was priceless.

Operation Sundown | Alex and J’onn have a much more productive storyline this week, as they use anti-Kryptonian gadgets and weapons against Reign, which ends with Reign shrugging off Kryptonite like it was nothing and breaking Alex’s tibia in half. It needs to be said that Alex is a badass for shrugging this off and cracking jokes about her cast.

The gang reasons that they need to inject Kryptonite into Reign’s blood to knock her out, but Mon-El and Imra say that they can’t help because of some wonder cure for a dying planet hidden in their DNA; if they die, a planet dies. Okay, so don’t die, guys! Problem solved!

We’re Halfway There | Eventually, Mon-El and Imra suit up and take on Reign as she is slaughtering a prison, while playing “Livin’ On a Prayer” over the loudspeakers, in one of the better fight scenes in “Supergirl” history. Kara manages to wake up just in time to swoop in and inject Reign with Kryptonite, forcing Reign to escape. But Reign is met by Corville, the Supergirl worshipper, who pledges allegiance to Reign as her holographic mentor says that Reign has her own legion of villains to help her.

This week had plenty of stuff to do, most of it feeling like it came from other sources. The good news is that the final fight was epic and there’s still time for a grand slam story to emerge from the back half of season 3.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays on The CW.