“Supergirl” Recap: Girls Just Want to Kick Ass

In an action packed “Supergirl” episode, “Fort Rozz,” Supergirl teams up with Saturn Girl, Psi and Livewire to travel to Fort Rozz to find information on Reign. While babysitting Ruby, Alex confronts her heartbreak over Maggie.

Literal Girl Power | The DEO discovers that a Kryptonian priestess who knows about Reign is still on Fort Rozz, which is orbiting around a blue sun that poisons men. Supergirl won’t have her powers there, so she enlists Imra, Livewire and Psi to cover her back. Because, apparently, Wonder Woman was busy. The A-Force whatever their team name is travels to Fort Rozz and almost instantly, Psi knocks out Imra with her powers, being a psycho and all. Which is why we don’t let psychopaths on the team! Lesson Number One!

True Believers | Psi and Imra are stuck on the ship trying to repair it so the team doesn’t get sucked into the blue sun, leaving Supergirl and Livewire to track down the priestess. Unfortunately for them, Reign arrives and kills the priestess and tries to kill the powerless Supergirl. Livewire takes a laser eye blast for Supergirl and Psi arrives to show Reign her worst fear: Ruby being taken from her. Samantha briefly comes through, but is quickly taken over by Reign who leaves. But Livewire succumbs to her wound and dies, much to Kara’s heartbreak.

Don’t Mess With Danvers | In lighter news, Alex is assigned babysitting duty for Ruby and gets a text from Maggie asking for her missing passport. Alex is bummed, but that doesn’t stop her from going full badass on a bully who’s been texting rude things to Ruby! And did I mention she’s still recovering from her broken leg? Alex definitely hasn’t lost her edge.

When Samantha comes to pick Ruby up, Alex asks about her recent business trip- that Samantha can’t remember taking. Samantha realizes that, hey, maybe being unable to remember significant periods of time is BAD! Team Supergirl makes it back to Earth and Supergirl tells the guards hauling Psi back to prison to give her a better room. Also, a random woman, Julia, gets sandwiched between two cars and pushes the car out of the way. Hopefully, Julia puts pieces together faster than Samantha.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays on The CW.

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/The CW