“Supergirl” Recap: Assassination Nation

“Supergirl” takes a break from the whole worldkiller thing this week, as Morgan Edge blames Lena for an attempt on his life and responds in kind in “For Good.” While Lena struggles with how to respond, Samantha tries to figure out what’s causing her blackouts.

Eye for an Eye | While the DEO tries to filter out people with special powers on Earth to try to find the other worldkillers, Morgan Edge’s car is hacked and he nearly dies in the process. He blames Lena, because he’s a douche, and hires a guy to poison her coffee, who conveniently gets shot before James can question him. Kara flies Lena over to the DEO and manages to save Lena’s life, and when Lena wakes up, she remembers Kara flying her, but shrugs it off. Fan conspiracies about whether or not Lena knows Kara’s secret got a serious bone this week.

Don’t Be A Burden | Samantha is concerned about her blackouts and goes to Alex, who just so happens to have medical training, who tells Samantha that bottling up her problems is a bad idea. Samantha confesses her blackouts to Kara and Lena, who are instantly supportive and stand by her side when Alex gets positive results from her blood test. This is a great friendship message and all, but I think Kara should be putting pieces together a little quicker here…

Know Your Enemy | Speaking of putting pieces together, Lena discovers that the mysteriously dissolving bullet that killed her assassin was a Lex Corp technology and finds Lillian waiting for her at the factory that made the bullet. Lillian confesses to being behind the attempts on Edge’s life and tells Lena to let her finish the job.

Lena and Kara go to see Edge at a gala and Lena figures out that a drone is going to kill Edge by tracking his badge. She tells Edge that she’ll stop the drone if he confesses to trying to kill her on tape, which he does. Then Lillian arrives and uses the drone as an insanely cool suit of battle armor to fight Supergirl and Mon-El, who fly in to save the day.

Supergirl and Mon-El knock out Lillian and the police arrive and arrest Edge and Lillian. But Lena recognizes Mon-El in the fight and tells Kara that he’s back, which Kara shrugs off by saying, “It’s complicated.” BTW Since when does Lena know Mon-El? Last time I checked, she knew him as Kara’s boyfriend Mike. Is this clue number two that Lena knows more than she lets on?

Do you think Lena knows Kara’s secret? Were you happy to see Edge gets his just desserts? Let us know in the comments.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays on The CW.