“Supergirl” Recap: Will the Real Worldkiller Please Stand Up?

Right before an extended hiatus, “Supergirl” puts out an out of place and unfocused episode in “Both Sides Now.” Supergirl and Alex clash on how to handle interrogating Julia, one of the three worldkillers. J’onn gives Mon-El some martial advice and Samantha takes some time off.

Good Superhero, Bad Agent | The DEO captures the second worldkiller, who at first, seems to be an ordinary woman named Julia, but then goes full crazy as Purity. In one of the more confounding storylines of the season, Alex goes total bitch and tries to harass Purity into giving up information by being just plain mean.

This was just plain out of character for Alex, mere episodes after she used her DEO badge to mess with a schoolyard bully. Alex plays the Maggie-breakup card to explain her behavior and I’m totally not buying it. You were nicer to Maxwell Lord for much less.

Let Her In | Elsewhere, Winn, J’onn and Mon-El try to repair the engines in Mon-El’s ship, during which J’onn talks to Mon-El about a recent rift between him and Imra.

Mon-El admits that his marriage to Imra was to unite warring factions and he still has feeling for Kara even though he does love Imra. Mon-El confesses his issues to Imra, who confesses to him that there’s a secret motive behind them being on Earth. But that’ll have to wait for the next episode!

I Only Hear What I Want To | Purity escapes the DEO and for some reason goes to the subway, where she is met by team Supergirl. After a battle, Alex convinces Julia to fight over Purity’s control of her body and the real Julia resurges. This, just as Reign arrives and takes her away.

Also, Samantha abandons Ruby at an ice skating rink and Ruby calls Lena to pick her up. Lena confronts Samantha about her blackouts and Samantha angrily snaps at Lena before insanely forgetting it. This leads Lena, after about half a season to say, “Hey, maybe this isn’t normal!” Maybe Lena’s not as clever as we thought…

Oh, and the show is going on break for awhile for new “Legends of Tomorrow” episodes. After this weird and head scratching episode, that’s a bummer.