Sweet/Vicious Recap: Welcome to the Bacchanal

This week’s episode of Sweet/Vicious brings us The Bacchanal and every confrontation imaginable between all the characters. There are breakups, shouting matches, reconciliations, apologies, and forgiveness. It was an intense week for Jules (when is it not) and she hits her darkest point so far. Barton tries his hand at catching the vigilante and Ophelia tries to figure out this whole girlfriend thing. “Back to Black” was written by Jared Frieder and Celeste Ballard and directed by Elodie Keane. Here is what went down.

“NICE TRY, SUCKER” | In an attempt to catch the vigilante himself, Barton (Greg Worswick) writes a name of an accused but not punished rapist, Brady Teller, on the The Wall that Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) and Jules (Eliza Bennett) have been monitoring. Sure enough, the girls discover the new name and decide to take him out during the Greek Bacchanal the following night. Jules, instead of going to support group like she says she is, does her own recon on Brady. Barton meets with Brady to warn him and offer protection from the vigilante, providing him with a “Help, I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up” Button. At the party, Jules tries to act as Brady Bait but he is far too interested in another girl. He gets that girl extremely drunk and when she stumbles away from him, she is intercepted by Jules and Ophelia who texts Brady from her phone and call her a car to pick her up outside. Brady, upon getting the text, goes up to his room only to find the vigilantes waiting for him. He pushes his panic button to alert Barton but by the time he arrives, all that is left in his room is a note that says, “Nice try, sucker” as the girls have relocated the beatdown to a different room. It is brutal and Brady is left bloodied up but conscious on the floor. He has to have the last word however, and Jules, already in a dark place, snaps and beats him unconscious until Ophelia manages to pull her off of him. Ophelia confronts Jules about her behavior and Jules snaps and says a lot of things she doesn’t mean. They go their separate ways for now. The next night, once everything has started to blow over, Ophelia returns to her apartment to find Harris (Brandon Mychal Smith) waiting for her, pissed off and with their projector image of The Wall pulled up behind him.

ON YOUR SIDE | In contrast to Ophelia’s new and happy relationship with Evan (Stephen Friedrich), Jules is isolating herself even more than the world is forcing her to. She is playing the part of “fine” but in reality has stopped going to support group and has been lying to Ophelia about where she’s going. Nate (Dylan McTee) has been trying to win Kennedy (Aisha Dee) back and has been adamant that Jules is the liar, not him. She still doesn’t know who she believes and tells him to go home. Tyler (Nick Fink) shows up at the Zeta house looking for Jules buts runs into Kennedy and they catch each other up. Kennedy tells him Jules isn’t living there anymore and he tells Kennedy that they broke up. Nate’s right hand stooge, Miles (Ethan Dawes), takes it upon himself to help Nate win Kennedy back with a Love Actually gesture inviting her to accompany him to the Bacchanal. Unfortunately, it actually works and she joins him. Everyone ends up at the party and everyone sees each other and it’s as uncomfortable and tense as possible. When Jules disappears after rage beating Brady, Ophelia goes to Kennedy to confront her for not believing Jules. She tells Kennedy to grow some balls and do the right thing because she is the only one who can help Jules now. Later, when she and Nate are in her room together, he tries to start something and when she says no, doesn’t listen. She shoves him off of her, shouting, and he snaps back, throwing something into her wall. It is in that moment she allows herself to accept what kind of guy Nate is. She goes to the library where Jules spent the night and begs her forgiveness. She tells Jules how sorry she is and that from now on, she is going to be by her side no matter what. Kennedy wants her to report it but Jules tells her the school doesn’t care because Nate is Mr. Darlington. Kennedy is having none of that and tells Jules they are going to fight this because Jules deserves to be heard.

MISSING RAPIST | Tyler, having reported his step-brother Carter as officially missing at the end of last week, is frustrated with how little progress the police have made. Officer Veach (Mike Angel) seems to be the only one who is willing to keep Tyler in the loop or even put forth a real effort to find him. Veach agrees that the cell records are very fishy and is willing to keep looking. In the end, Tyler brings Veach to the auto body shop Carter was killed in (but they don’t know that) to look around.

• Is “Fart Knocker” an official police term? Because it should be.
• FINALLY, Harris pointed out that he and Barton’s plans are protecting the rapists in the process.
• If Miles wasn’t Nate’s right hand man, I would find his vast knowledge of romantic comedy references endearing.

So what did you think? Will Jules and Ophelia repair their friendship and vigilante team? Now that Kennedy is on Team Jules, will they be able to make the school see the truth? Let us know in the comments below!

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