Sweet/Vicious Recap: The Final Girls

In the second part of the season finale of Sweet/Vicious, Jules and Ophelia take justice into their own hands (with assists from some unlikely allies) and make Nate and the school pay for what they’ve done. As an added problem, they struggle with how to get Tyler out of jail without revealing they are the ones who killed Tyler. Harris learns that maybe Jules and Ophelia have a point, and Evan reveals a secret he has been dealing with. “Pure Heroine” was written by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and directed by Leslie Libman. Here is what went down in the final chapter of season one.

NATE-DOWN | While they are juggling figuring out how to get Tyler (Nick Fink) out of jail, Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) also plan to take down Nate (Dylan McTee) and get their own justice for the overturned expulsion. Because of Kennedy (Aisha Dee) and the girls’ desire to help, Jules delivers a message/mission to them on behalf of the vigilantes. The girls are tasked with putting the fear of god in Nate by pretending to me concerned for his wellbeing. Fiona (Lindsay Chambers) and Gaby (Victoria Park) are the delivery girls of the ‘concern’ while Ophelia sends out a blast from the official Darlington Emergency Alert system telling Nate that they’re coming for him. In the middle of the night, Nate wakes up to a bunch of polaroids of him sleeping and “Sweet Dreams” written across his wall so the next day he walks to class with a posse of large dudes as bodyguards. That night, thanks to Ophelia, the brothers who were standing by him all got texts and calls from girlfriends, professors, etc. accusing them of various things. Fiona hears that this got Nate kicked out of the house and he is camped out at the pizza place so Jules runs to Ophelia’s to tell her it’s go time. They show up after bribing the night shift to leave and find Nate looking unimpressed and even smug. He reveals that the brothers kicking him out was a ruse to lure the vigilantes out and in walk a group of them. But Ophelia and Jules fear no man and take out every last one of them, leaving Nate for last. They look up to see Harris (Brandon Mychal Smith) standing in the window shocked and impressed.

The three run back to the store where Harris and Ophelia are over the moon about how cool that was while Jules is less impressed. Harris tells them what they need is a man inside (the frat house) and Ophelia brings up that she noticed there was one brother in particular who was missing from this display of Stand With Nate; Miles (Ethan Dawes). They pay Miles a visit and he is looking rough. He is less than inspiring as an inside man but before he passes out he tells them to “Find Shelby.” Ophelia and Jules Facebook stalk Nate and find this Shelby but are horrified at what they discover. Miles wakes up the next morning to a note from the vigilantes telling him they need his help. He hangs out with Nate and gets him to go off about how there was no way he would ever be kicked out of school because he is a god here and the president knows they need him to win games. He also makes several comments about how it’s the girls’ words against his and how they are all asking for it when they wear tight skirts. Miles brings up Shelby and gets Nate to go off about her as well. Shelby was a girl in high school that also accused Nate of rape. He tells Miles that he is going to get up on the stage tomorrow at the MVP award ceremony and let everyone know that if he wants it, he’s going to take it.

At the ceremony the next day, President Mays introduces Nate and directs everyone’s attention to a highlight video. That video is quickly replaced with footage of Nate and his conversation with Miles in all it’s disgusting glory. The video ends with a message of “We Believe You” from the vigilantes to the victims and information on the Sweet Vicious website where people can report assaults that the school ignores. Nate is led out and Miles gives him a mocking salute. Later, Jules goes to Kennedy who has been struggling with guilt over missing Nate given everything he had done. Jules tells her she is allowed to mourn the loss of someone she loved, no matter what. Kennedy is used to being the beacon of perfection and now she is the girl who dated the guy who raped her best friend. Jules tells her, “This does not define you,” and gets Kennedy to believe it by using her own Kennedy realness. That night, Nate goes back to his room to find Landon Mays (The Get In Rapist) waiting for him, ready to take on their common enemy. The next day, Jules and Ophelia watch the official launch of the website and as the posts roll it, Ophelia utters the final line of, “Looks like we’re gonna be busy.”

OPERATION FREE TYLER | Since being arrested at the end of Part One, Tyler finds out the evidence against him. They have him on security footage entering the garage that night as well as his blood at the scene, both of which he has an explanation for. Jules visits him and tells him to turn over his phone to the police because if he was getting texts from Carter after he was already dead, that means the person sending them is the one who should be in there. Jules immediately goes to Ophelia with a plan to use Carter’s phone to frame someone nearby who deserves to be in jail but was never convicted. They use the sex offender registry to choose their victim, a man accused of raping many young children but who was never convicted because he came from a rich family with good lawyers. They plant the phone and the murder weapon (that Ophelia has been keeping in a Ziploc baggie) at his house and use the text to lead the police to him. It actually works and Tyler is released, though confused as to why this stranger would kill his brother. After all of the mess with Nate is resolved, she and Tyler lay in bed together and they tell each other they love each other. Later, Tyler goes to the garage to clean out Carter’s stuff. As he’s leaving, he walks past a bright pink scrap of Jules’ torn backpack from that night.

BOSLEY | Harris meets with the DA to ask about the possible internship but all she wants to discuss is if he has learned anything more about the vigilante. He brings up that maybe it would be a good idea to look into why there is a need for a vigilante in the first place but she calls it a fool’s errand. Harris tells Ophelia about the number of cases he has discovered that the DA’s office has mishandled. Ophelia points out that the school doesn’t want girls reporting rapes because then they would have to record it and no parent wants to send their daughter to a school with a high rape percentage. Harris decides he wants to help but isn’t about that ninja life. He wants to be their Charlie a la Charlie’s Angels. Ophelia (rightly) points out that he is not Charlie, he’s Bosley. He is offended but joins the team and takes the internship at the DA’s office so he can send the girls information on mishandled cases.

GUARDIAN EVAN | Ophelia notices that Evan (Stephen Friedrich) has seemed distracted lately. When she finally gets him to confide in her he tells her that the girl he was meeting with had actually been sexually assaulted only a few doors down from where he was sleeping. She went to the school but they pressured her into not reporting it so now he is up all hours continually checking on her to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. Ophelia offers to help keep an eye on her and that she will take the first shift so that he can get some much needed rest.

• Let Ophelia be Kennedy’s Goddess Tuesday 2k17
• Miles learned. Miles wouldn’t stand by his friend when he learned what he did. Miles loves Mystery Science Theater 3000. I think I love Miles.
• “You are a strong beautiful woman, and nothing can break you unless you give it permission.” This show is so important and we all need more Kennedy realness in our lives.

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