“Channel Zero: Candle Cove” Latest Shocking Victim Speaks Out!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Channel Zero: Candle Cove. Read at your own risk.

Who knew that when those devil kids were hacking away at Mrs. Booth’s (Marina Stephenson) anatomy model in the field that they were practicing for the real thing?

We could feel a big death coming: Mrs. Booth’s disquieting interaction with acting sheriff Amy Welch (Luisa D’Oliveira), Amy’s chilling run-in with the kids dressed in Candle Cove costumes in the dark basketball court, and then the same kids seemingly following her after she grabbed some takeout. Homegirl even went down into Mrs. Booth’s basement! The stage was all set for Amy’s death, but the show threw us a big twist and killed a major player instead!


Fans of Syfy’s unsettling, new horror series Channel Zero: Candle Cove were thrown for a loop when Mike Painter’s childhood friend Jessica Yolan (Natalie Brown) was brutally murdered by those knife-wielding kids.

OMFGTV spoke with Natalie Brown to discuss her big death, why she was targeted, and the repercussions.

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“Shocked,” she told us, about her reaction when she found out she was being killed. “When I auditioned for the project, I had only been given the first script and I thought it to be very intriguing. I knew it was only a 6-episode mini series/anthology so I was looking forward to 6 episodes. It’s fine to be a part of four of them but Jessica’s demise came as a huge shock. But wasn’t nearly as bad to film. It was such a collaboration of just really shooting this scene in an iconic way. So much of the horror is implied as opposed to shown. Filming this scene was handled expertly and delicately.”

Thankfully, Brown says that she had already gone home and nursed herself with a goblet of wine when it came to shoot the scene of the kids stabbing her character. (Fun Tidbit: They were stabbing at a watermelon!)

Tuesday’s episode, “A Strange Vessel,” showed a lot of the backstory in flashbacks with young Eddie, Mike and Jessica. It is here where we learn why Jessica was targeted.

“Eddie had a lot of unfinished business and we do find out that there was jealousy on Eddie’s part over the relationship that Mike and Jessica shared,” she says. “I think that if he had his way, he would’ve carried this out back when they were 12. I know that this isn’t something that Jessica picked up on at the time, but I think it’s something that Mike innately knew when he was a boy and I think it’s one of the reasons that he did what he had to do to Eddie to protect Jessica and the others. If only he could protect them this time around.”

Heading into the final two episodes of the season, Brown hopes Jessica’s death will have a “profound” impact on Mike and Gary Yolen (Jessica’s husband), and says that her death “will not be without consequence.”

“The death of my character will definitely have a ripple effect for the duration of the [season]. ”

Channel Zero: Candle Cove airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Syfy

Photo Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy