“Channel Zero: Candle Cove” Boss Talks Tooth Child & the Show Within the Show

After just two episodes of Syfy’s unsettling new series Channel Zero: Candle Cove hit the airwaves, fans have been wondering, “What the eff is that tooth child thingy?”

In a recent conference call with the press, showrunner Nick Antosca teased a few nuggets about that creature, its connection to AMC’s The Walking Dead, and more.

syfy-channel-zero-candle-cove-nick-antosca-tooth-child-teasers-creation“I can’t tell you what it is because that would be too much of a spoiler,” Antosca said of The Tooth-Child, played by Cassandra Consiglio.

“You will learn a lot more about it. You will learn where it comes from. However, by the time we finish [the season], there will still be questions about it, but you will know a lot more about it.”

Because of the complexity and unusualness of the creature, Nick admits that it was definitely “a challenge to create.”

“We had a fantastic [FX] artist named Francois Dagenais out of Cananda who also worked on Hannibal who made the Tooth Child,” Antosca says. “Greg Nicotero helped design it, who does The Walking Dead of course.”

“The creation itself is very uncomfortable to stand next to,” he adds. “You’re like ‘What is that?’ your body recoils from it a little.”

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syfy-channel-zero-candle-cove-screen-capAnother mystery in the Syfy anthology’s “Candle Cove” chapter is the show within the show itself– an eerie puppet show that never airs on the same channel. It’s a show they say you have to find.

As to whether we’ll get answers to who created the show and why, Antosca’s answer is “a qualified yes,” but just like with the Tooth-Child, he says that “by the end of the season, some mysteries will remain.”

“As a viewer and as a horror fan, I don’t love thorough exposition and explanation. I love mystery and nightmare logic and ambiguity and I hope that Channel Zero will reflect that.”

Tune in to Channel Zero: Candle Cove tonight at 9pm on Syfy to see much more of the Tooth-Child, a shocking death and more twisty revelations!

Photo Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy